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While it would be easier to dismiss the concept of the spirit realm, believing only in the here and now, the world as we know it, to do so would be to miss out on some of the greatest advice and guidance that we receive on a regular basis. Learn to recognize the signs that the spirit world is trying to guide you and protect you.

Hollywood has created a misconception that all spirits visiting our world are bad, returning to haunt us and cause us harm. The truth, however, is that many of these entities visit us for the exact opposite reason. Whether they are a loved one that has passed on and is still dedicated to protecting and caring for us, or a spiritual guardian sent to care for us and guide us in life, these spiritual beings are here to help us stay safe and succeed in life. Unfortunately, due to our lack of knowledge, their messages are often missed or ignored.

Here are 7 often overlooked signs that the spirit world is trying to contact you:

#1 – The animals in your home begin to act ‘odd’.

The animal kingdom is far more in tune with the energy associated with the spirit realm than we are. For this reason, they are able to sense that a spirit guide is near when we are still completely oblivious. Pay attention if you notice that your dog is barking or whining in response to what appears to be nothing, or your cat suddenly starts running around the room frantic for no reason. Pay attention, also, to the way your pet is reacting. A dog that’s wagging its tail and excited may mean the spirits bring announcements of positive things, while that same dog cowering with its tail between the legs could mean something more ominous.

#2 – Your electronics begin to act up or malfunction.

Beings from the spirit world possess an incredibly high vibrational energy. While you may not sense this energy direction, the electronic devices that you possess likely do. Examples include radios and televisions switching channels/stations, batteries suddenly draining from being well charged, inability to send or receive messages from your phone, etc. While this is often an unintentional disruption from the spirit realm simply due to their presence, it may also be a specific message. Pay attention if you notice something happening repeatedly, or if there is some familiarity such as a specific song that always comes on with the radio.

#3 – The temperature in the room suddenly shifts.

There are many explanations for changes in room temperature, like the heat or air conditioning kicking on, or a drafty area of an older home. If, however, you notice that this temperature changes suddenly and with no logical explanation, this may be something bigger. The change in temperature may be a message itself, like a sudden hot flash to warn you that you are about to do something that will have serious consequences. If you notice a change in temperature and you’re not sure, ask the spirit world for another sign.

#4 – Lights begin to flicker on and off, or lights suddenly blow.

Much like the impact that we see on electronics, spirits also have the ability to impact the lights in our home. This is a fairly well-known sign as it is often referenced in movies and television shows in relation to the presence of a ghost or entity. There may be a logical explanation, like an old bulb that legitimately blows because that time has come, or a wiring issue in your home. However, this may also be an attempt by the spiritual realm to catch your attention.

#5 – You notice shadows or flickers of light in the corner of your eye.

While we often don’t see those from the spiritual realm appearing fully before us as we see in Hollywood, you would be surprised how often you may actually ‘see’ them moving through our world. This often comes in the form of a flash of light, a sparkling sensation, an orb of light moving through a room, or shadows in the corner of your eye. Often, you’ll notice something is there, but when you turn to actually look you will find nothing.

#6 – Special scents or fragrances catch your attention.

Do you notice that you are smelling the same fragrance repeatedly with no obvious explanation, like a scent of fresh flowers while indoors and nowhere near a door or window? This may be an attempt from the spirit realm to get your attention. Familiar spirits, like the souls of those that we loved, may also use familiar scents to tell you that they personally are near, like your grandmother’s favorite perfume. Pay attention to when these scents appear. If your father’s cologne visits you every time you’re in the office late, it could be a warning that you need to stop working so much overtime and reconsider your priorities in life.

#7 – You notice number sequences appearing all over in your life.

Sometimes called ‘Master Numbers’ or ‘Angel Numbers’, the importance of repeated numbers appearing to us has been long documented in the study of numerology. These numbers may appear in addresses, phone numbers, license plates, clocks, and more. Not only do repetitive numbers like 111 or 3333 hold significance, but number sequences may also be a sign from the spirit realm. It is said that increasing number sequences like 1234 are a sign of something positive while decreasing number sequences like 4321 are a warning of something negative.

Featured Image By LouisDyer Via Deviant Art