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The world of internet memes is one that is known for its ability to keep us highly entertained, making us laugh and inspiring us to rethink situations we face every day. However, the latest series of photos, identified by the hashtag #trumpqueen may just frighten you.

The Instagram account ‘ogtrumpqueen’ may have originated back in 2016, but it has recently risen to fame, attracting over 30,000 followers. What is its secret? The creators aren’t attracting people by sharing the latest celebrity diets, showing off their incredible fashion sense or by offering tempting giveaways to those who happen to find the account. Instead, the concept is simple. As the account states, “It’s not about politics. It’s about the magic of Photoshop and making people laugh.”

Each photo shared on the account has one thing in common – they are photographs of the Queen with a twist. Donald Trump’s face has been photoshopped into the image in place of her own. The result is both unbelievably hilarious and completely disturbing all at the same time!

While we don’t know what actually inspired the creator, Photoshop graphic designer Michal Krauthamer, to create these images, it’s clear he has quite the sense of humor and he knows his way around the Photoshop program. After all, most of the images are so lifelike it’s hard to believe that they aren’t real (until you stop and really think about what you’re actually looking at).

Since taking office as President, Donald Trump has surely divided our nation. Recent approval ratings reveal 45% are still supportive of the President, 51% disprove of him in the position and the final 5% have no opinion. Now, I’m not looking to get into a political debate here – whether you love the man or can’t stand the sound of his voice, Krauthamer’s creative work is for you!

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