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That time of year is here once again, where witches and goblins are seen everywhere, horror movies dominate our favorite television stations and families spend a fortune on candy for all the trick or treaters that will come knocking. If you’re looking to take your Halloween celebrations to a new level, Six Flags may have the perfect opportunity!

Among the ghouls and goblins that characterize the Halloween seasons are the vampires that are said to rule the night. These fascinating beings are said to survive by feeding on blood and spend their downtime asleep within their own coffins. As a society, we are fascinated by them, as is evident by some of the great movies that have come to us from Hollywood (like the Twilight series), popular television shows (Vampire Diaries and True Blood) and even classics like Brahm Stoker’s Dracula.

However, the Atlanta Vampire Alliance claims that there is more truth to these tales than many of us would like to believe. In fact, they report that there are at least 5,000 blood-drinking vampires that live among us today, consuming human and animal blood while masking themselves as ‘normal’ individuals. If this doesn’t give you a reason to reconsider the way you interact with that withdrawn co-worker that avoids corporate lunches and retreats, I’m not sure what else would!

Whether you identify as a vampire yourself or are simply fascinated with all things spooky, Six Flags St. Louis has issued a challenge that may be right up your alley. They are calling for participants to compete in the Six Flags America 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. The contest is part of the ’30 Years of Screams’ celebration, marking 30 years of their big Halloween celebration ‘Fright Fest’.

Six lucky applicants will be chosen out of those who apply. Each will arrive at Six Flags St-Louis on October 13th where they will climb into their own personal handcrafted coffin. The clock will start at 1:00 PM, and continue until 7:00 PM on October 14th, a total of 30 hours later. During this time participants are required to remain within their offing with the exception of designated bathroom breaks. Climbing out for any reason will eliminate them from the contest.

The winning prize? The person who is able to stick it out in their coffin for a total of 30 hours will walk away with two 2019 Gold Season Passes, a Fright Fest prize package including two VIP Haunted House passes, a ticket for 2 to ride the Freak Train for Freaks Unleashed, $300 prize money and their own handcrafted coffin to keep! If more than one participant is successful in reaching the 30-hour mark, a draw will be held for the prize money, however, all successful participants will receive the season’s passes and Fright Fest package.

In order to participate, you must be 18 years old older, and they must not have any medical condition that may impede their ability to remain in the coffin for 30 hours. Waivers will be signed at the time of check-in. Don’t worry, you have the opportunity to get comfortable! Participants are asked to provide their own pillow and sleeping bag or blankets.

Do you feel like you’ve got what it takes? Applications are open until midnight October 3rd. Swing over to their website and complete the application form HERE.