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The art of Palmistry refers to the ability to discover information about one’s personality and ‘inner self’ through studying the size and shape of their hands and fingers, along lines, shapes, and markings that they possess. This can provide those who practice this psychic art with insight not only into who the person is, but also revealing interesting information about future events.

This includes, but is not limited to, their health, career, wealth, relationships and wisdom.

Many don’t realize that there are actually two different divisions of palmistry. The better known of the two is Chiromancy or the study of the lines and shapes on the palm. It is the second division that is often overlooked, the study of Chirognomy. This refers to the shape of the hands, thumb, and fingers, along with the color, shape, and texture.

By simply analyzing the size of one’s fingers in relation to one another, one can ascertain interesting information about who they are, and what they have to look forward to in this life. There are so many different areas and pieces of information someone could focus on, far more than we could pack into a single article. Instead, I am going to focus on one specific area of the hand – the length of one’s pinky finger in relation to the ring finger. It may seem like an incredibly minor piece of information, but this one fact can provide a great deal of insight!

Begin by holding your hand out in front of you with your fingers together. How does your pinky finger measure up to your ring finger?

A. Shorter Than the Ring Finger Knuckle

You are often seen as the centered and stable individual in your group of friends. Slightly shy and introverted, it appears to those around like nothing can shake your calm, collected demeanor. What many don’t realize is that this is a mask that you portray to hide a more sensitive and vulnerable self. You may be accused of being mysterious or hard to read, but that is simply due to the fact that you don’t care to share details of your life with anyone else, keeping your secrets close to your heart. You are incredibly selective about the people in your group of friends, but if someone proves themselves to be worthy of your time you will move heaven and earth to stand by their side in the good times and bad. After all, when you set your mind to something there is no holding you back.

B. Equal to the Ring Finger Knuckle

Blessed with a large heart, you are also aware of the fact that your incredible gift of compassion will leave you vulnerable to being easily hurt by those around you. For this reason, you have built up considerable walls and boundaries in order to keep yourself protected and safe. This isn’t to say that you won’t let others in, it just takes you longer to warm up to someone and trust them enough to drop those safeguards that you have put in place. You have high standards for the people around you when it comes to morals and values, with no patience for dishonesty, manipulation, and deceit. If someone does wrong by you, you won’t even take the time to explain how they hurt you. Instead, you will simply cut them from your life entirely and walk away without looking back.

C. Taller Than the Ring Finger Knuckle

Determined, confident and successful in life, you are often thrust into leadership positions simply because it comes so naturally to you. That’s okay by you, as you are most comfortable when you are calling the shots. You strongly dislike surprises, uncertainty and leaving things up to chance, as these all involve taking control out of your hands. You need to be in charge can sometimes come across as bossy or arrogant. This is due to the fact you aren’t one to allow your feelings to take over, and as such you forget that others may not live their lives in the same way. You take pride in your independence, determined that you can handle anything that life may throw at you without any assistance, which is ultimately your biggest downfall.