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Remembering you is easy, it’s the one thing I do every single day no matter what. You’re always on my mind even when no one else is able to see it, I am thinking of you.

You were one of the most important people in my life. You helped shape me into who I am today and without you, I would not have grown up to be so caring and helpful. It’s really hard without you being here in my life even though you are still in some ways here with me.

There are days where I feel normal and can go about my day alright but a lot of the time I’m breaking down even though it’s been a couple of years without you now. That is one thing no one tells you, they tell you it’ll get better and easier in time but they forget to mention that ‘in time’ means years upon years into the future – if things get better at all. I wish that while you were still here I told you that I loved you more, you deserved to hear it a lot more often than you did.

You might have lived a full life but you were nowhere near old and you should have spent more time on this planet with all of us, we miss you terribly. The heartache that I feel almost constantly is something that I both cherish and hate at the same time. I cherish it as a reminder of you but also hate the pain of it. It’s like losing you over and over again each time I wake up to realize that you’re really no longer here with me.

You stood by my side when no one else would and you always believed in me. You pushed me to be the best possible version of myself and I couldn’t have accomplished so much in life without you. You were and still are my hero whether I ever told you that or not.

You are someone that I cannot simply forget and honestly – I never want to forget you. You showed me how to find happiness in all of the small things and even now I still stop to smell the roses like we used to do. Each time I see those small fragile flowers I think of you and that time we spent in the valley when I was younger. You said seeing roses in the ‘wild’ was a rare treat, something most only noticed in movies but we saw so many that day.

You taught me that I could do anything I wanted in life and you showed me the world. You made sure I had all the fun I possibly could as a child and you never forced me to grow up too quickly. The childhood I had with you in my life was like nothing I’ve ever heard anyone else describe and I thank you every day for that.

You made sure that life for me was a fairy tale for as long as I believed in them and I wouldn’t ever want it any other way. I miss you more than words can say and no matter what that pain isn’t going to leave me. You were my knight in shining armor, a girl’s father always is.