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The coming Full Hunter’s Moon will grace our skies on October 24th, occurring in the sign of Taurus. While the moon may be occurring in arguably the most solid and stable zodiac sign, don’t underestimate the impact of planetary outside planetary energy. This is going to be a time of change and uncertainty, but you can find peace in the chaos.

The full moon is a time in which our emotions are at an all-time high, an intensity that can lead us to make impulsive or irrational decisions. Combined with the energy created by the location of the planets at the time, this is sure to create both great excitement and a frightening uncertainty. Are you prepared to weather this intense energy?

Prepare yourself for the coming Taurus Full Moon using this ritual:

You will need:

– Sage or another preferred smudging tool

– 1 white candle

– A handful of flowers or leaves, either dried or fresh

– A piece of paper and a pen

– Incense or essential oil burner


#1 – You need to begin by cleansing your aura, ridding yourself of the negative energy that could disrupt your ritual. As you are smudging your aura using the smudging tool of choice, recite the following:

“I am cleansing myself, freeing myself from all negativity. I am cleansing myself of the struggles and challenges from my past. I am releasing my past mistakes and cleansing myself so that I can be my true self. I am cleansing and opening my heart. I am aligned with the Universe. My heart is now open.”

#2 – Shift your attention now from your aura to the space around you. As you smudge your surroundings, recite the following:

“I cleanse and purify this space with love, light, and truth. The only energy allowed to enter into this space will be positive energy. It is safe for me to be in this space. I call this space home, and my home is cleansed and free from negativity. It is safe for me to be here. I am renewed.”

#3 – Light your incense or oil burner, selecting a scent that brings you a feeling of calm and serenity.

#4 – Light your candle, placing it either next to you on the floor or nearby on the table if you are sitting up to a table.

#5 – Close your eyes and select a symbol, either a triangle, circle or heart. Don’t overthink this, trust your intuition and choose the first symbol that comes to mind. Taking your pen and paper, draw the symbol of choice on it.

Triangle: represents the mind, body, and spirit

Circle: represents wholeness and completion

Heart: represents love

#6 – Take your candle and place it on top of the symbol you just drew, doing your best to center it on the image. Using your leaves and/or flowers, create a visually appealing or ‘pretty’ display. Follow your heart, it will provide you with the direction of where to place everything.

#7 – Find a comfortable way of sitting close to your candle. If you are sitting up to a table, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor in order to ground yourself throughout the remainder of the ritual. In the same way, if you are seated on the floor, find a position that leaves you feeling ground and secure.

#8 – Place one hand over your heart, another on your belly. The exact location will be guided by your intuition. Close your eyes, taking 10 deep breaths. Shut out all outside distractions, focusing only on your breathing in the moment.

#9 – Take a single flower or leaf from alongside your candle, placing it in the palm of your hand. Looking closely at the item, recite the following three times: “I trust the energy of Mother Earth. She guides me as to what in my life I need to release.”

#10 – Ensuring that the flower or leaf remains in the palm of your hand, bring your hands together into a prayer position. Close your eyes, focusing on your breathing again until you feel completely calm, then repeat the mantra from the previous point.

#11 – Continue to hold onto your flower or leaf as you stand up and start to shake out your body. As you do so, visualize all the pain, anxiety, and hurt falling free from your life. Continue to shake until you feel as though all the negativity has been released, leaving you cleansed and pure.

#12 – Carefully sitting back down, hold up your leaf or flower and exhale onto it, releasing any remaining negative energy or anxiety into the object. Place the flower or leaf off to the side, ensuring that you know which it is. You need to properly dispose of this item in order to remove this negative energy from your life once and for all.

#13 – Pick up another flower or leaf, placing it in the palm of your hand just as you did the last. Looking closely at it, recite the following three times: “I trust the energy of Mother Earth. She both supports and nourishes my soul.”

#14 – Just as you did the last time, bring your hands into the prayer position with the flower or leaf between your palms. Close your eyes and take 10 deep, long breaths. With each of the first 9 breaths, visualize clean, pure energy coming into your body. On the 10th breath, open your eyes looking at the flower or leaf. Visualize beauty, happiness, support, and peace coming from the leaf or flower as you inhale, entering into your body and nourishing your soul.

#15 – Place the flower or leaf off to the side with the last one.

#16 – Look back to the candle, returning your hands to the prayer position. Recite the following:

“I call on my guardian angel and my spirit guides to help me to stay calm and embrace peace. I trust that the energy of Mother Earth is always working to guide me and protect me. I genuinely appreciate the way that Mother Earth is working in my life. I appreciate all the divine beings, spirits, and guardians that work to support me, encourage me and assist me on my life’s journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

#17 – This is the end of your ritual. Blow out the candle to finish. At this point, take the two leaves or flowers that you have set aside during the ritual and dispose of them appropriately. This can be done by releasing them from the top of a tall building or hill into the wind, throwing them into the ocean or burying them in a garden or wooded area.

You can choose to dispose of the alter you have created, or to leave it set up as a reminder of the peace that you have accepted into your life.

Feature Image Source: FunkyFocus | Pixabay