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If the incredible astrological energy this summer has left you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, rest assured, you’re not alone! As the summer starts to slow down our lives are slowly returning back to ‘normal’, but not without last summer full moon to shake things up!

Looking back over the last few months, it’s no wonder that we have felt like our lives have been turned completely upside down! Within the span of just a few short months, we have seen 7 different planets shift into retrograde, each bringing its own energy and influence. While these energy shifts may provide us with great opportunities, it’s not without a considerable amount of chaos in our lives. From our ability to communicate through to our spiritual journey, there has been little untouched.

We also had three separate eclipses during the summer season. This includes a partial solar eclipse on July 13th, a total lunar eclipse on July 27th, and then a second partial solar eclipse on August 11th. Eclipses are high energy experiences, trigger unique changes in our lives. Then, to add further to the experience, there are, obviously, the changing lunar phases, each new moon and full moon bringing a unique spin to our experience. It’s been interesting, to say the least…

It’s now time to prepare yourself for the next big event, the full moon on August 26th. When you hear full moon, your mind likely immediately jumps to chaos and confusion, triggering images of packed emergency rooms and busy law enforcement. While there is plenty of evidence supporting the fact that these experiences are true, why not take a step back and explore the reason why our society is thrown into such a tailspin. What is it about the energy of a full moon that appears to bring out the ‘wild side’ in so many people?

The moon phase itself doesn’t actually bring chaos into our lives. The moon itself is said to be the ruler of our emotions, and the full moon is when it’s at its peak. Consider, for a moment, how likely you would be to lash out or react impulsively if certain feelings like anger and frustration were suddenly intensified. What about lust? Desire? Passion? It’s no wonder the world becomes a little crazy!

The August full moon is going to fall in the sign of Pisces, the dreamer. As such, the energy that it will bring into your life will directly influence your creativity and matters of the heart. If you are a romantic, this is your month! You will find yourself longing for your own personal fairy tale, dreaming of your happily-ever-after. This is a time of hope and discovery, opening your heart in a way that leaves you incredibly vulnerable and yet, at the same time, creates feelings of happiness, joy, and comfort. Take advantage of this time to meet and connect with new people in your life, expanding your social circle and taking your relationships to the next level. This is an opportunity to discover true love, and it may even be in your backyard!

You will also notice yourself feeling inspired and motivated to create, drawn to opportunities to express yourself such as writing, art, and music. While it may not seem like a deep and meaningful experience, creative expression provides us with the chance to connect with our deepest and truest self. If you don’t currently have an outlet for this creativity, now is the time to find one. Explore new hobbies and activities until you find the one that works. By allowing your true self to come forward, you will empower yourself to take important steps towards real self-growth.

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