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Coming on the heels of a high energy astrological summer, September brings its own unique and powerful energy. Over the course of the month, we will experience Saturn and Pluto will go direct, the Full Corn Moon and, of course, the Autumn Equinox. Let’s check out what’s in store.

When we consider the changes that will occur in the month of September, our first thoughts often turn to the return to school and the changing seasons. While these experiences will certainly have a significant influence on our lives, they pale in comparison to the astrological events that are coming our way.

Are you prepared for the astrological energy shifts this September? Here is what you can expect:

September 1st to September 7th

We are currently making our way through the first week of the month, and this one may be a slightly frustrating one. Still reeling from the chaos and confusion of this summer, you are dealing with heightened anxiety. Try to remind yourself that things are calming down, you just have to stick it out a little longer.

Rather than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed, identify little things that you can focus on. Start by setting short-term goals, just one day at a time. What you can you do today that will help you to move forward in a positive direction. It’s also important to find time for self-care in order to maintain your mental and emotional health.

Throughout it all, keep your heart and mind open to opportunities for growth and self-development. The aspects of your personality that you discover throughout this time will follow you into the coming weeks, helping you to become the person that you need to be in order to reach your wildest goals and dreams.

Take note, on September 6th, Saturn is going to go direct. Saturn Retrograde had forced us to slow down and reassess our lives. Returning to normal, we will once again the consequences of our actions as the planet of Karma brings judgment upon us. If you have dedicated your life to good, positive efforts then you are going to reap the rewards of your actions. However, if you have been slacking off or inviting negativity into your life, prepare to pay the price.

September 8th to September 15th

With Saturn now direct, and its judgment upon us you may be feeling an intense amount of pressure to atone for your mistakes. You can either allow this guilt to tear you down, destroying your self-esteem and hindering the personal growth that you had previously put into action, or you can use this as fuel to motivate yourself, propelling your efforts forward even further. Only one of these paths will lead you to success, so choose carefully!

Aiding you in refocusing your life, the next new moon will occur on September 9th in Virgo. A new moon is the start of the lunar cycle, an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. This is the perfect time to reassess where you are going, setting new goals and intentions. Throughout our lives, we change and evolve. When was the last time that you stepped back to consider whether your current goal fits with who you are today? This is your time! Draw a line in the sand and start fresh. Spend some time on introspection and reflection. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 or 15 years?

In the days that follow, it’s time to start turning those goals and intentions into tangible plans. If you have made a change, for example, to your career goals then that may also require a change in your education and training. What can you do to revise your current life path, correcting it to match your new goals?

September 16th to September 23rd

Good news, if you have put the time and effort into your goals thus far as we have discussed, you are now starting to head in the right direction. While this is certainly a time of excitement, it can also be incredibly intimidating. New and different challenges will cause you to step back and question your confidence and abilities. You need to believe in yourself now more than ever. Remind yourself that change is never easy, and this period of time will be no different.

This is the ideal time to revisit your morals, values, and beliefs. Much like your goals and dreams, these too may grow and change as you become a new version of yourself. In order to be true to who you are, your efforts may also need to be adjusted in order to stay in line. Don’t allow yourself to be so tempted by your vision of the future that you sacrifice the things you believe in most today. It may take a little longer, but you CAN achieve great things while still staying true to yourself.

September 22nd/23rd is an important time to note this month. This is the Autumn Equinox. From this moment forward we will see the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, as the temperatures drop, and we move forward towards the winter. What many people overlook is the impact that this shift can have on the astrological energy at the time. Consider the major impact that the sun and moon have on our daily energy levels. It should then come as no surprise that a shift in our exposure to each respectively will also shift the energy that we are experiencing.

As the influence of the moon becomes greater, we will start to experience increased creativity, an improved ability to problem solve, thinking ‘outside the box’, and a boost in the intensity of our emotional state. Things that once made us ‘happy’ will now fill our lives with pure joy, while things that brought a tear to our eye may suddenly appear far more devastating. Adjust your mindset to line up with this new view of the world, and you can come out ahead.

These intense emotions will be further heightened on September 24th as the Full Corn Moon graces the skies. We often associate wild and erratic behavior with the full moon, and there is some truth to that association. The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, the time where our emotions are at their highest. Intense anger, grief, and frustration may trigger irrational thought processes, in turn leading to impulsive decisions. Try to step back and count to 10 before making any decisions. These emotions can motivate and strengthen your efforts, but only if you don’t allow them to take over your mind entirely.

September 24th to September 30th

Finally, as we near the end of the month we will start to notice the little changes in our lives triggered by our efforts. These are positive changes, signs of growth, and they will help us to see that we will ultimately be rewarded for all of our hard work. Seeing this will likely motivate you further to work even harder to succeed. Don’t fight this influence! Embracing it may be the difference between living a ‘good’ life and achieving ‘greatness’.

You may look back at some of the sacrifices that you have had to make along the way with feelings of nostalgia. It is okay to reflect upon these things and the incredible feelings and emotions that they carry. Embrace these emotions, allowing them to fill your heart and soul, but don’t camp out here. Too long spent in this walk down memory lane may prevent you from moving forward in life.

The final astrological event of September 2018 will occur on the 30th when Pluto goes direct. While Pluto may no longer be seen as a planet, this simple change in label doesn’t alter the energy that it brings into our lives. The ‘Planet of Power’, Pluto brings an incredible energy of transformation and rebirth. After all the effort you have put into rediscovering and reinventing yourself in the month of September, what better way to end it then to truly embrace the transformation these changes will bring into your life. Allow its energy to empower you and further amplify your efforts to achieve everything you desire.