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When we consider the impact that astrology has on our daily lives, we often find ourselves focused on the impact of the sun’s movement. However, we shouldn’t overlook the significant impact that planets like Mercury can have on the way we think, act and react to the world around us.

On September 22nd, Mercury is making the move from Virgo into Libra, which will bring great relief to those that have recently been struggling in their relationships. Known for its association with perfectionism and high expectations, Virgo has had us picking apart every detail of our daily decisions – judging our actions, questioning our instincts and criticizing the actions of those around us.

This is a difficult time for most. While self-reflection can be a positive thing, helping us to grow and evolve into a better version of ourselves, becoming too critical can have an incredibly negative impact on our confidence and feelings of self-worth.

As Mercury moves into Libra, however, we are finally going to feel the pressure released. In its place, the harmonious influence of Libra will seek to restore balance and bring peace to our lives.

Mercury, also known to astrologists as the ‘Planet of Communication’ rules over every aspect of communication in our lives, from our ability to verbalize our thoughts and opinions, to our reasoning skills and quick wit. It’s a powerful influence on our lives, but one that is often forgotten about, with the exception of the chaos and confusion that rains down on us during Mercury Retrograde.

When this important planet moves into Libra, our focus shifts to creating harmony with the world around us. Rather than simply forming our own opinions and preaching them for the world to hear, we find ourselves seriously considering the point of view of everyone that we meet. Approaching situations with an open mind in this way may reveal details that we never would have considered previously when forming an opinion.

It is for this reason that Mercury in Libra is the ideal time to readdress past hurts and disagreements. Often our arguments with close friends and family start with some form of miscommunication or misunderstanding, in which one party feels as though they aren’t heard or respected by the other. By looking back at these situations with your new open mind, you increase the chances that you are now going to comprehend why they have felt the way that they do, and what you can do to remedy it. It may be as simple as apologizing and expressing the fact that you understand, as everyone ultimately seeks to be understood.

If you have been looking to expand your social circle, this is a great time. This new way of thinking will open the doors to connecting with new people, as well as strengthening existing relationships. Be careful, however, not to allow yourself to fall into the trap of being too nice and ultimately becoming a complete pushover. Understanding the thoughts and opinions of others doesn’t mean discarding your own in every situation. Instead, allow this newfound understanding to help you express your opinions in a respectful and compassionate way. A little extra consideration for others will go a long way.

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