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One of the more commonly recognized planetary influences, many of us are aware that the planet Venus is associated with the energy of love and romance. However, just how much influence does it maintain over that area of our lives? As Venus moves into Scorpio, the intensity it is about to bring will leave little to question.

The planet Venus is often referred to as ‘The Planet of Love and Money’, its reach influencing not only the romantic love that we share with others but any situation in our lives that brings pleasure. This includes the meaningful friendships that we develop, luxury possessions such as a beautiful home, expensive car or elaborate jewelry, and great food and drink. If it triggers feelings of pleasure and happiness within your heart, then it can be affected by the influence of Venus.

As the planet makes its way through the zodiac, a process that takes around 2 years in total, it will spend anywhere from 23 days to a little over 2 years in any one sign. During this time, it’s focus will be narrowed by the strengths of the sign that it is currently associated with. In this way, it drives us to seek pleasure in the various areas of our lives. This can either empower us in a positive way, motivating us to establish deeper, more meaningful connections and taking the steps necessary to pursue the things we desire, or it can tear us down by triggering harmful or toxic responses to life’s influences.

With Venus currently in Scorpio, this concept is more important than ever. Scorpio is known for its mystery and passion, but when the passion of Scorpio collides with that of Venus, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Understanding this energy will empower you to harness it and propel yourself forward in a powerful way, however, failure to keep it in check may result in trouble in paradise.

If you’ve ever identified as a ‘romantic’, prepare for these thoughts to dominate your mind. On one hand, you will dream of finding that ‘special someone’ and riding off into the sunset for your ‘happily-ever-after’, however, on the other hand, you will long for so much more. You want a deep, physical connection, seeking true passion and intense intimacy. You don’t just want to like someone, you want to crave them, to need them in your life. This kind of love can sweep you off your feet, causing you to forget about everything else in your life, but when left to spin out of control it can reach the point of total obsession.

Take some time to step back and look at your relationships carefully. Are you blind to your partner’s flaws simply because you are so obsessed with the physical connection that you share? If so, know that you are not alone – especially during Venus in Scorpio. It is for this reason that this energy may set you up for incredible heartbreak and pain. However, by holding yourself accountable you can ensure you are seeing this relationship for all that it truly is.

Is your partner honest with you? Are they opening up to you as much as you are to them? Or the hard question, are they truly as interested in and devoted to you as you are, or are they merely using you for some personal gain in their own lives? Sure, the truth may be difficult, and it may even hurt, but it will hurt far less to realize this early on in the relationship than to allow it to continue to grow and deepen on your end before finding out when you are completely invested.

That being said, if you do find someone that genuinely loves and cares for you, this could be an incredible turning point in your relationship. Encouraged by this passionate energy, you will find yourselves being drawn together. Relationships become deeply connected during this time, as you begin to build a future together. It may seem sudden, even overwhelming, but try not to let it scare you off. The bond that is formed with the help of Venus is a deeply emotional and meaningful connection that, in many cases, will stand the test of time.

Image via Lamar Townsend Tarot on Youtube