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Pisces season is about to begin on the 19th of this month (February) and with that shifting in the energetic world is going to be occurring. Sure, right now you don’t sense much but in the coming days, change is heading your way. 

From the 19th of this month until March 20th Pisces season will be full swing. During this time we will be dreaming more but also working to reflect on a level that allows us to in many ways finally let go of the things holding us back. Regardless of your sign, there are things to be gained from this interesting season and you should not close yourself off from the growth you’re coming to face. 

During the time that the Sun is in Pisces, we should all be working to look deeper than surface level. Really allow yourself to see things as they are rather than as they appear to be. Stop wasting time taking things at face value, that in itself never gets us anywhere. 

Let go of anything you’ve been holding inside that no longer serves you. If you’re the kind of person who lets grudges get the best of you, this is something you really need to spend some of your time focusing on. Don’t pull strength from the wrong places, really take the time to question yourself and your own intentions moving forward.

There are a lot of things happening in the celestial world while we are present in Pisces season and as you may know, the great Mercury will be retrograding itself. That leaves us to be even more inclined to really dive inside of ourselves and come to terms with the things we otherwise would be unable to come to terms with. The way you use the things before you could really make or break you in the coming days and that you should keep in mind.

While Pisces is a very forgiving sign it is also a sign that holds great power. What do you think this Pisces season might be bringing your way? For more information on exactly that please check out the video below. Things in the celestial world are about to get pretty complex, to say the least.

Sometimes things are much more energetically intense than we are able to pick up on and this might be one of those periods. Hold your own but don’t make too many decisions right now. Pisces season isn’t going to be about moving on or getting things done this go around, it will be about making sure you’re in the right place within your own being so that in the future moving forward is possible as a whole.