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As you all may be aware, Mercury retrograde is coming and with that, we need to work to prepare ourselves properly. While some of us will be gaining things during this time not all of us will.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should keep in mind as this retrograde moves forth. These are things that will help each of you grow and accomplish all you can during this time. While decisions should not be made while the retrograde is present reflecting and working to understand yourself is crucial.


During this retrograde, you really need to work to slow down and reflect. You’re not where you want to be and the reason behind that is much clearer than you think. Things are not what they seem and you will realize that the more you analyze things.


During this retrograde, you need to be willing to let go. You’re so stressed that it’s affecting your day to day life and that’s something you need to be aware of. While you might like the attention you’re getting right now it’s not the kind of attention you need. Perhaps change is in order.


During this retrograde, you should keep in mind that things happen in time, you don’t have to rush them. While life has been frustrating lately, you will find what you’re looking for when you’re ready. Opportunities are manifesting right before you but you need to open your eyes so that you can see them properly.


During this retrograde, you need to work to cut ties with people who don’t actually care about you. If someone is toxic they don’t belong in your life. The people closest to you are really trying to help you but you’re not willing to listen to what they have to say. They only want what’s best for you and the sooner you realize that the better.


During this retrograde, you should work to understand yourself better. In recent months you’ve lost sight of something very important and it’s really bringing you down. Figure out what matters and go from there.


During this retrograde, you need to stop focusing on the negative side of things and look towards the positive. You have a lot going for you and you’re in a better place than you were this time last year. You’re ready for growth but if you refuse to embrace it then you’re going to remain stuck right where you are for far longer than you should.


During this retrograde, you need to stop letting your emotions get the best of you. While it’s alright to be emotional sometimes you should not be bottling them up to the point where you’re exploding on those who care for you the most. Spend some time on your own and really come to terms with what you’re facing inside.


During this retrograde, you really need to spend some of your time searching within your soul. Your life is about to change in a huge way and it’s going to be a lit different than what you’re expecting. You have a lot going for you that you’re unable to see right now. Pull the wool off of your eyes and embrace all that is before you.


During this retrograde, you need to decide if letting go is the right choice for you or if you’re where you want to be. You’ve been having second thoughts for a long time now and if you’re going to break things off, you need to really prepare yourself to do-so once this retrograde ends. Now is the time for you to really spend all you can thinking about this and coming to terms with the monsters you’re facing.


During this retrograde, you really need to try your best to achieve all that you can within reason. You’re all about starting new projects and keeping yourself busy but now is the time to really finish things out. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed but do put your heart into all that you’re doing.


During this retrograde, you need to be working on your happiness as a whole. You’ve been quite down and out lately which seriously needs to change. Stop letting your mind get the best of you and follow your heart.


During this retrograde, you need to be thinking things through more properly. You’re going to be very stressed and while passionate all the while you need to keep your own thoughts in check. Not everything that comes to mind is going to be as positive or helpful as you’re going to expect it to be. Close yourself off from the toxic thoughts that are heading your way, they will only drag you down.