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With the increase in ‘emotional support animals’ being seen on many airlines today, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently put their foot down, reminding users that there are rules in place to keep all riders safe. However, faced with what they believe are unnecessary restrictions, many dog owners are getting creative!

The rules for the MTA are clear when it comes to the transportation of pets on the subway. They state, “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.” However, pets have come to hold an incredibly important role in the lives of their owners in today’s society. In fact, more dog owners today see their dogs as their ‘kids’ than ever before. As such, New York’s dog owners aren’t too keen on not bringing their pups with them when they’re traveling around the city.

The American Pet Industry is estimated to be valued at over $72 billion in 2018 alone, a clear indication of how much Americans prioritize their pets today. Once seen as tools to work the farm, assist on hunting expeditions, manage rodent populations and protect property, today our view of these four-legged ‘friends’ has changed. An increasing number of Americans are welcoming dogs of all sizes into their homes as companion animals.

Seeking a way around the MTA rules, a number of dog owners acknowledged that there were a few loopholes in the wording. Most importantly, the rules don’t stipulate any restrictions either on the size of the animal, or the size of the container. Their solution? A description just isn’t going to do justice to the creativity of these pet owners, you have to see it for yourself!!

Check out these photos of pups going for a ride on the NYC subway, following rules (of course):

Featured image via Linked In