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This time last year we were reading articles talking about the fact that 2018 was going to kick our ass, and looking back over the year, they weren’t exactly wrong! If you’re worried about the coming year, I’ve got great news – 2019 is going to be the best year of your life to date!

For those that are not completely aware of what numerology is, it’s the belief that numbers are incredibly important, each holding their own unique energy with the ability to influence and impact our lives. This can be applied anywhere that we see numbers in our lives such as addresses and dates. Some numerologists will also look at the numerical equivalent of each number in the alphabet, using it to determine the numerical energy of names or locations.

In order to truly understand this energy, each number must first be broken down to its root, which is usually a single digit number. There is an exception to this rule, in which numbers are repetitive digits such as 11 or 22. These are known as Master Numbers or Angel Numbers, carrying significant power. While the number 11, for example, can still be read as a 2 (1+1), the fact that it is a Master Number adds an additional, more complex energy to the mix.

In order to understand how the numerology of the year 2019, we must first determine the number associated with this year: 2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. Therefore 2019 is a number 3 year.

Great news! The number 3 is largely seen as a lucky number, foretelling optimism, tolerance, social interaction, inspiration, and creative expression. What does this mean for us? In a world that is currently so incredibly damage by negativity and toxic energy, introducing optimism and tolerance may just be the change that we all so desperately need. In the place of intolerance, judgment, and hatred we will feel overcome with compassion and kindness.

If you have been struggling with a difficult situation or problem in your life, feeling as though you are stuck in a rut with no means of escape, 2019 will bring your big break. The creativity of the number 3 will encourage you to think outside the box. This new outlook on life will open your mind to solutions you never would have previously considered. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid of change. Greater things are ahead, but you will likely have to go through some personal growth first. After all, if you keep doing the things that you’ve always done, you’re going to experience the same results you have always experienced.

So, for those that struggled through 2018, know that the hardest times are now behind you. You are about to enjoy the results of all your hard work and dedication. Enjoy!

Interested in taking your understanding of numerology a step further? Check out this video: