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The lunar cycle is a powerful source of energy that impacts every area of our lives. However, while most people are incredibly familiar with the way that the full moon can alter the human condition, sending people into a state of ‘craziness’ and disorganization, the remaining lunar phases are often overlooked.

The new moon sits opposite the full moon, bringing opposing influences on our world. While the full moon is chaos and disorganization, the new moon brings us love, peace, and healing. A fresh beginning, it opens the door for us to explore new possibilities and possibilities. Consider each lunar cycle as a complete opportunity, a chance to move through each of the phases towards a final larger end goal. In this approach, the new moon is the new beginning, kicking it all off.

Encouraging you to consider your intentions for life, and how you are going to leverage the coming lunar cycle, the new moon brings new ideas, anticipation, second chances and courage to step into the unknown. However, all the new ideas in the world aren’t going to help you to kick-start a time of growth and change if you aren’t prepared to embrace them.

Heading into this time of exciting new energy, those who will benefit most will turn to self-reflection to better understand how the new moon can benefit their experience. Silencing the influences of the world around you and listening, instead, to your heart and soul – discover your passions and true intentions in this life, casting a light on your life’s purpose. These realizations provide direction to determine the path that we should be on, and what next steps are required to continue to move forward.

In May, the new moon will fall in the sign of Taurus, a sign associated with stability, responsibility, loyalty, and finances, and these influences will impact the areas of your life that you are most empowered to change and grow. If you feel called to take on a leadership role in your community or your circle of friends, the May new moon will provide you with the courage to take those important first steps. Embrace this sudden strength and step outside of your comfort zone, acknowledging that great things lie on the other side.

Another important side of the responsibility that Taurus brings to the table is that of our relationships and family. Taurus creates a longing and desire for stability and security. As such, you will find yourself aware of the areas of your love life that are currently less than stable and reliable. Pay attention to these individual areas of your life, as they are the areas in which you need to invest your time and energy in order to move your relationships forward. Correcting these weaknesses will strengthen your connections and improve every relationship from friendships and coworkers to your long-term romantic interest.

Finally, the influence of the new moon in Taurus on finances is certainly not one to overlook. If this is an area in your life where you have been struggling – maybe you are in great debt, or battle habits of overspending – now is the time to focus your attention on growth in your financial responsibility. Learn how to create a budget and stick with it, even when it’s difficult. The new moon will not only influence your ability to save money but also how you make it initially. This is the time to go after that big raise or promotion, accept the opportunity to take on some overtime and consider possible new employment opportunities. Trust your gut, the new moon will help you to see which of these options will benefit you long-term.

Image via Naturally High Life