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You are so much stronger than you think, while it might be hard at first in time you will be able to move on from the situation that hurt you so badly. Narcissistic people do not deserve your time or efforts, please know your worth. 

As a person in this world, you will likely come across many narcissistic people and some of those narcissistic people will try to control you and make you work to their advantages. This is something you need to work to resist and protect yourself from. While narcissistic people are very good at drawing other people in, they also show their true colors quickly once they have you where they want you.

You deserve a relationship that helps you grow and is positive for you as well as your partner, being stuck in a situation that is only dragging you down will not get you anywhere in life. Narcissists use lots of different mind-games to get what they want from the people in their lives and that is a huge problem. This makes it hard to get away from them and leaves a lot of us feeling as if we are the problem in the relationship even when we have done nothing wrong. 

If you’ve managed to get out of a narcissistic relationship you need to be aware of how powerful you are. You have done what many refuse to do. You saw the damage you were facing and you did what needed to be done to escape it. You saw your narcissist’s true colors and instead of embracing them you fought against them to break free from their grasp. 

You deserve serious props for all you’ve accomplished in finding your freedom once again. I know you were afraid and I know even now you’re uncertain but you have accomplished so much. You saw the toxicity and did what you have to in order to get away from it. This is a huge feat.

You’re working on your boundaries and have cut ties with your abuser which is more than most can say. You’re coming to terms with the trauma you’ve experienced and working to find yourself and in time you will get back to normal. Everything will fall into place once you’ve done some healing, be sure of that.

You were not the issue and your abuser did not deserve you. You did all you could to make that person happy and he or she kept doing nothing but spitting down your back. You deserve better and the sooner you realize that the better. 

Love in its truest form is not what you had with that person. That person wanted to use you and never had your best interest in mind. You are better off without him/her and you are going to accomplish so much moving forward.

Believe in yourself and everything will work out in the end. You are capable of so much in this life and you deserve more than you could ever imagine. A love worth your time will come forth when you are truly ready, don’t give up.