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If you haven’t recently stopped to look back on your life, reassessing the decisions you have made and where they may be taking you, now’s the time! We’ve only got one trip around this globe, what are you doing with it?

We live in a ‘rat race’ society, constantly pushing us to earn more, do more and be more productive. It’s not that it’s any one thing you’ve done ‘wrong’ or an incorrect choice that you’ve made per say. The truth is that we’re all groomed to think this way right from childhood.

As a young child, society pushes our parents to make sure that you always have the latest and greatest. I mean, what child is going to be happy on Christmas morning without the newest toys and gadgets? Turn on any children’s show and seriously watch what’s happening – Don’t be fooled to think materialistic marketing is reserved for adults. Television characters teach our children that happiness is determined by the items they own and the wealth they possess long before that wealth is actually their own.

We then send them off to school, preparing them for the real world. However, before even leaving high school they are pushed to decide what they want to be, career guidance programs and aptitude tests question what they want to make and help to form their view of ‘success’ in the working world. In many cases, these decisions are driven by potential income, either because young teens aren’t sure what to choose and they have to make their choice based on something, or because adults are pushing them to ‘be all they can be’ as if income is the sole determinant of success after school.

We then enter into the working world with adult responsibilities and bills to pay. As we add to those responsibilities – getting married or starting a family for example – the pressure to continue earning ‘enough’ is even greater. This is where most of us are living today.

Shockingly, a Gallop poll reveals that a surprising 85% of Americans are currently unhappy in their jobs. Consider that for a moment… The vast majority of Americans get up every morning and leave their home, their belongings, their families and their lives to go spend hours doing something that makes them completely unhappy. Only to return tired and worn down from a long day at work. Is this really all that this life has to offer? Are we doomed to suffer through this until retirement?

This is the point that Unkle Adams set out to address in a viral video on Facebook. Now viewed over 27 million times, the video highlights the fact that ‘time is precious’. If you’re among the unhappy Americans desperate for a change, this is your chance! You, and only you, have the power to take control of your life and turn it around. Don’t settle. As we stated at the start of this, we are each given only one life to live – so what are you doing with yours?

Need inspiration to make a change? Watch this powerful and inspirational video from Unkle Adams: