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Sadly, in this day and age, you can’t always make people see things the way you see them. Just because you’re helping someone doesn’t mean they’re going to be thankful and that’s just how life is.

In this world, there are going to be people in your life who walk away from you even though you’ve given them your all and done so much for them. Those people are unable to see all the efforts put forth or perhaps don’t even care that you’ve done so much for them and honestly, they’re the ones losing something amazing. You might feel like you’re losing something/someone very important to you but at the end of the day, you’re not losing anything but gaining the chance to find someone more worthy to spend your time and efforts on.

While letting go is a hard thing to do, you are extremely capable and while your intentions were pure you could not force that person to see that properly. You will be able to let go and move on. You will find someone who will appreciate all that you do in time and the wounds those who have left your life have also left you with will no longer sting as badly.

Don’t settle into following the rules laid out to you by others, those people are not in charge of you and your life. You are the only person who can make your decisions and those who wish to control you are not the kinds of people who deserve to be close. You have always done all you could for others and those who refuse to return the favor shouldn’t be allowed to hold power over you.

Stop living life for other people and start living it for yourself. Those who see you for who you are and appreciate all that you do will make sure you know how loved and cared for you are. They will remind you of your importance and ensure that you are able to keep moving forth in the ways that you need to. They won’t force you into things you want no part of, and they won’t hold things over your shoulders that you otherwise had no ability to change.

These people who have left your side will someday realize how good they had it while they were still in your life, and they might even on some level reach out but by then you will have moved on big time. You will have found the right connections with people who will give you as much back as you put forth yourself. They will beg you to give them another chance but you will be all out of chances to give.

These people will someday realize what they through walking out of your life and treating you so badly lost in the end and it will eat away at them. You were and always will be a truly special soul with abilities that no others are capable of. You go the extra mile for everyone in your life and without you, things would be quite messed up.

You are the glue that holds so many together and the sooner you realize that the better. You’re a very powerful person and the energies within you resonate in ways most people will never be able to experience. You are truly a soul worth keeping around and only those who see that are worthy of your time.