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Are you one of those people who struggle to wake up every morning, hitting snooze on your alarm clock over and over until you find yourself late for work? Inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze may just have the answer!

If you’re a morning snoozer, setting 5 alarms just to improve the chances of getting yourself up and moving in the morning, you’re not alone! In fact, experts estimate that 57% of Americans admit to hitting the snooze button each morning. While a little extra sleep isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it escalates into a chronic problem it can have a significant impact on your life, even costing you your job.

While some people can simply set the alarm on their watch or fitness tracker, the vibration in the morning waking them up with ease, heavier sleepers may be looking to more extreme options. We’ve all seen them circulating social media – alarm clocks on wheels that you have to get up out of bed to chase across the room, or those that require you to answer some elaborate math problem or skill testing question to shut off, assuring that you are fully awake and functional. However, the newest invention may just take the cake…

Colin Furze has gained worldwide fame and attention, his YouTube channel currently being followed by over 6 million subscribers. In his videos, Furze reveals some of his elaborate and over the top inventions, demonstrating their use and practicality. This includes everything from a voice-activated flamethrower to something as simple as a knife that toasts your bread as you cut it.

While not all of his inventions may be completely practical, most arguably created simply for the purpose of publishing entertaining viral videos, his high voltage ejector bed may just be an example of engineering genius.

On his website, Furze reports that he was asked by Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee company to invent something that will help people to get up and out of bed in the morning, and he took this challenge to heart. Using an air compressor and an elaborate system of 4” pipe, Furze created a bed that will ensure that you get up and moving the second your alarm goes off. No more waking up to a subtle beep from your alarm clock, instead, Furze’s high voltage ejector bed will wake you up by literally throwing you out of bed coupled with the sound of ringing bells and car horns and punctuated by flashing lights. Good luck to anyone that believes they can sleep through this one!

Check out Colin Furze’s high voltage ejector bed:

Interested a behind the scenes explanation? Watch this ‘making-of’ video: