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The idea that guardian angels move among us, watching over us and protecting us throughout our lives is one that is often comforting. This provides us with hope in even the darkest times, believing that there are greater things at work than just those of us that walk this planet. How do you know that your guardian angels are close at hand?

If there is one thing I am sure about, it is that those loved ones who leave this planet before us never actually leave us. Instead, they transition from being our loved one here, physically by our side, to a guardian angel helping to guide and protect us every step of the way. It’s a comforting thought, no?

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are 10 signs that your guardian angels are nearby:

#1 – Cloud Shapes

As children, you likely spent time stretched on a patch of grass, watching the clouds floating by and identifying the various shapes. However, if these shapes remind you of a friend or loved one that passed, they may not be as random as you once believed. Spirits may use the clouds in order to convey a message, letting you know they are there. This could include more generic signs like wins or feathers, or shapes that remind you specifically of one person.

#2 – Color

While most of us are not aware, each archangel is associated with a different color, one that defines its energy. It is said by wearing this color, we can welcome them into our lives, like sending an open invitation. At the same time, they can use this color to let you know that they are near. If you suddenly start seeing the same color everywhere you look, pay attention. A couple times, sure, that may be a coincidence – but if it keeps happening it may very well be a sign of something more.

#3 – Ringing in Your Ears

If you are experiencing ringing in your ears and there is no physical explanation, take note. When spiritual beings attempt to guide us or provide us with information, this often comes through what is called ‘downloads’, the passing of higher information from the other side of the veil. As this information is passed to us on a spiritual level, we may not even have known that it is happening, except for a ringing or buzzing sound in our ears.

#4 – Music

They say that music is a universal language, allowing those of all languages, cultures, and nations to connect with one another. However, it also has the ability to convey messages from the spiritual realm. Is there a specific song that you associate with a deceased friend or family member? You may find that you can’t get a specific song out of your head, or that you notice a song playing everywhere you go. While this could be explained away as a mere coincidence, it may be a message from the spiritual realm.

#5 – Angelic Intervention

One of the more extreme signs, there are people who, at some point in their lives, have been in a situation that may have seemed hopeless if not for a sudden miracle. You have may narrowly missed being hit by a vehicle because you stopped to look for something you thought you saw, or, following your gut instincts, avoided getting on an airplane that later crashed. These miracles are just that, a miracle, an example of divine intervention. They are a sign that someone is watching over you.

#6 – Butterflies

Recognized throughout many religions and cultures as a symbol of change and transformation, the butterfly is also linked to those that have come before us. Having transitioned to the spirit world, they are not always able to return in the form we recognize. Instead, they may use butterflies to reach out and let us know that they are there.

#7 – Animals

Pay attention to all that is happening around you when you are experiencing your toughest times in life. If you are struggling emotionally, and you notice an animal or bird hanging around nearby, or even approaching you as if offering support, there may be a reason. While our guardian angels can’t always connect with us directly, they may be able to offer us support through another being.

#8 – White Feathers

White feathers have long been seen as a sign of purity and peace, associated with the presence of the angels. If you see one lying on the ground, consider that this may not be a coincidence. Whether you choose to simply acknowledge its presence, or pick it up and hold onto it, that feather may very well be a sign that angels are watching over you.

#9 – Sparkles or Flashes of Light

When spiritual beings enter our world from the spiritual realm, they don’t come as a physical being like you and I. Instead, they manifest as an energy moving through our world. While you often won’t physically see their presence, you may catch sight of them from the corner of your eye. This is often seen as a flash of light or a sparkling effect in our peripheral vision.

#10 – Feelings or Sensations

While there are many physical, tangible signs to watch out for, never underestimate the power of your own intuition and your first-hand experiences. Sometimes you just know that someone is close by. If this feeling is accompanied by feelings of comfort, security, and safety, then it very well may be your guardian angel close at hand. You may also feel sensations like someone is watching you, or like a hand on your shoulder.

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