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If you’ve been out there in the dating world for some time now, and still find yourself crawling into bed alone every night, you may find yourself wondering if this is simply how it’s meant to be in your life. You may simply be going through a rough patch, but the possibility exists that you are destined to stand alone.

Don’t allow anyone to convince you that happiness can only be found through sharing your life with another being. While love can bring great things, it can also bring heartache and disappointment. Whether you are single by choice, or simply due to the circumstances, embrace your life as it is right now. You’re strong and independent, and you’ve ‘got this’!

Are you destined to be alone? Watch for these 18 signs:

#1 – You avoid shaving your body whenever you can.

You’re that person that celebrates the second that the weather drops, as the end of bathing suit and short season means you can go weeks without having to worry about shaving your legs. The very idea of having to do so just for another person is enough to turn you off dating altogether.

#2 – You sleep sprawled across the center of the bed every night.

It doesn’t matter how you start off at the beginning of the night, by the morning you find yourself lying in the middle of your bed, completely starfish style. In fact, it’s impressive how one person can take up so much of the bed all on their own. This is the only way you can sleep. As such, the idea of sharing your bed with another immediately brings concerns of insomnia to mind.

#3 – No one is going to mistake you for being a people person.

There are some people out there that light up the room the second they walk in, drawing everyone to them and loving every minute of it. They naturally love people and enjoy their company… This isn’t you. Instead, you struggle through the day, feeling as though you are surrounded by idiots everywhere you go. There are days that you wonder if you are the only decent person left in the world.

#4 – Your only lasting relationship is with your favorite barista.

No one can accuse you of failing to connect with everyone that you meet. You actually have one important person in your life that you see every day – the barista that makes your morning coffee. After all, the way to your heart is through your coffee cup.

#5 – You notice you’re the third wheel everywhere you go.

You’ve got some great friends, and you genuinely care for them. However, look back at the last few times that you have spent time together. Were you the third wheel in every situation, tagging along with couple after couple? There comes a stage in life where most of your friends have paired off, and this can be difficult to maneuver.

#6 – You just don’t do emotions.

Some people are super open with the emotions, sharing the compassionate and loving side for the rest of the world to see. You, however, prefer to keep it all bottled up, hidden away from the outside world. Whether it’s due to your fear that you couldn’t handle your emotions if you did feel them, or that you see emotions as a weakness, this avoidance approach isn’t going to help your long-term mental health.

#7 – Incredibly stubborn, you prefer things your way.

Relationships are built on compromise, a word that isn’t even part of your vocabulary. Why? You are incredibly stubborn and hot-headed. You genuinely believe that there is one ‘right way’ to do everything, and that’s always your way. After all, you always know best. This certainly doesn’t open the door to sharing your life with another person.

#8 – You push everyone away.

It’s likely not something that you are doing purposely but take a look back at the last few people that came into your life. Did you say or do things that may have actually pushed them away rather than working to get closer to them? It could be that you are afraid of being hurt and see this as a way to protect your heart. However, unless you are willing to open up to someone, no one will ever get close enough to you to develop a lasting, meaningful relationship.

#9 – When you think about it, you’re married to your work.

Are you a workaholic that’s at the office all the time? Do you take your work home with you, dedicating all hours, day in and day out? If you find that your life completely revolves around your career, and yet you find it all makes you feel incredibly happy, then maybe you’re already married – to your work.

#10 – Your scale for rating men is based on your cat’s reaction.

When a new man comes to the door to pick you up for a date, you wait until they have the chance to meet one important individual in your life – your cat. How they treat this ‘furbaby’ of yours will decide if they even get a date, let alone a second. In some more extreme cases, in place of one cat, you may have 2… or 5… or 10… Have you ever heard of the crazy cat woman?

#11 – You are afraid of being tied down.

You are a highly adventurous individual, always seeking your next adrenaline rush or new experience. This is a great way of living and has the potential to bring you great joy, but there is one thing that could tear it all out of your hands – being tied down by someone else. You don’t mind the idea of having a ‘partner in crime’ per say, but you’re worried if you even try, your partner is going to try to ‘tame’ you, and that’s something you’re not going to tolerate.

#12 – Your stands are set way too high.

There is nothing wrong with having standards. In fact, it’s recommended that you have a good idea of what you want before you go out into the dating world. However, if your standards are set impossibly high, you’re never going to meet someone that can measure up. Great people may be turned away because you demand too much.

#13 – You’re a master of making meals ‘for one’.

While you truly enjoy cooking, you’ve noticed that your efforts only work out when you’re cooking ‘for one’. As soon as you attempt to double your recipes or try something more complex, it all blows up in your face. Could this be a sign that you’ll be cooking this way forever?

#14 – In fact, you have no interest in sharing food at all.

Even when you go out for dinner, your meals are all ‘made for one’. It’s not that there isn’t occasionally enough money for two people, but you simply refuse to share. If someone else wants their own food, they can order it, right?

#15 – The very idea of ‘love’ as it’s portrayed in the movies makes you cringe.

Some people grow up, dreaming of finding that special someone, their elaborate wedding day and the happily-ever-after that will follow their entire lives. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from your experience. You can’t stand the over the top notion of romance. In fact, the cheesy expressions of love from the movies, like a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers, might make you throw up a little. The expectations set by society have turned love into something that makes you cringe.

#16 – You’d rather stay in then go out.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little alone time, in fact, mental health experts say that it’s actually healthy to have to spend a little ‘me time’ once in a while. However, if you spend all of your locked up away from the world, you’re never going to have the meet that ‘special someone’.

#17 – Your foray into Tinder revealed you’re only capable of swiping left.

When friends and family ask if you’re even making an effort to meet someone, you tell them proudly that you’ve signed up for some dating apps and sites, putting yourself out there. The truth is that the only app you’ve tried, Tinder, was a complete fail. After multiple days of sitting there swiping left on every single person, you realize it just wasn’t going to happen for you.

#18 – At the end of the day, it just feels right.

Don’t discount your intuition. You were blessed with it for a reason. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly why you feel the way you do, but when you stop to think about you simply feel as though you were meant to be single. It feels right like you are on the path that you are meant to be in life.