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We are all human and as humans, we make mistakes sometimes. Just I am unaware of what I’ve done does not mean I am happy about hurting you.

Please don’t be the kind of person to move through life never calling other people out. If I hurt you or upset you, please make sure you’re letting me know. I might not be able to read your mind but hurting you is the last thing I’d ever want to do. Keep in mind how important communication is and don’t cut me off when I’ve done something wrong.

When I do something wrong I’m not always going to be able to spot it right away. We are all different and the things you’re going through aren’t as visible as you might think they are. If you come to me and let me know how you’re feeling and what I’ve done, I will understand and I will apologize.

I will do whatever it takes to make things better but I cannot do that unless you come to me first. Whether you’re a lover, friend, or even a family member there will be things that sometimes go overlooked and making sure that you’re considering the chances that maybe I can’t see the damage that’s being done. If I could see the damage I would have already made sure to tell you I was sorry and done whatever I needed to do to clear things up and make you feel better.

Don’t label me as toxic without giving me the chance to redeem myself. Just because other people have said one thing and done another in the past doesn’t mean I am going to be like those people. I am my own person and I value the people in my life.

We should all be careful and work to help one another in all the ways we can. While you might not be feeling as positive as you should right now, I will not be able to fix things unless you come to me. Shutting me out isn’t going to help anyone. Stop giving me the silent treatment and sit down with me.

When we as human beings are willing to communicate properly, we can all grow more appropriately. Life is too short to spend all of our time fighting and pretending that we don’t care about one another. If you want me in your life, give me the chance to prove myself to you. I might not know I’ve hurt you but if you were to tell me, I’d try to make things right.

Don’t expect an apology for something I don’t even know that I did. Unless you’re willing to sit down and discuss things, closure will never be possible. I would come to you if I had something going on within that you were causing and you should be comfortable enough to do the same. You matter to me and I need you to be aware of how important communication truly is.