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Relationships can be difficult at the best of times, calling on us to put aside our own selfish desires in favor of compromise, understanding, and empathy. If you are looking to increase your chances of relationship success, it may be time to look to the Universe for answers…

The energy of the universe can have a significant impact on our lives, from shaping our personality to influencing our daily experiences. For example, you have likely felt the confusion and frustration of Mercury Retrograde or the heightened emotions triggered by the full moon. While these influences can add an element of challenge and struggle to your life, any astrological influence can be harnessed to our advantage if we simply take the time to fully understand it and how it directly impacts our lives.

By tracking the movement of the planets, you can improve your chances of earning that big promotion, determine the best time to schedule that big presentation, and better understand your own personal flaws and weaknesses, empowering you to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. Interested in making this work in your own life, let’s start with one specific focus – your love life.

Are you currently struggling to find the one or maintain a healthy, happy relationship? Let’s take a step back and assess how the energy of the universe may be working either for or against your efforts and what changes you can make to harness this energy to propel you forward.

Discover how to use these astrological influences in order to strengthen your relationships and improve your love life:

Sun Signs

The most commonly recognized aspect of astrology, your sun sign refers to the location of the sun at the date and time of your birth. Also referred to in our society as your ‘zodiac sign’, this is one aspect of astrology that is widely discussed and accepted at varying levels. The phrase ‘What’s your sign?’ has even come to be recognized as a universal pick up line (albeit, not the most creative or successful one). Why is this important? The sun directly rules over your personality, helping to determine your identity In life and the way that you will react to the world around you. Your personality can have a significant impact on how attractive others may find you, as well as their ability to connect with you on a deeper, more meaningful level. For example, if you are highly abrasive and temperamental, you may find it difficult to develop that initial connection with another person.

The good news is that your predetermined personality doesn’t necessarily determine success or failure, as there are ways to improve your chances. The key? Your willingness to change and grow. Looking at your personality based on your zodiac sign, what are your weaknesses? Those born under the sign of Taurus are incredibly stubborn, which can be difficult to tolerate for long. However, awareness of this can empower you to work on letting go of this stubborn control, opening your heart and mind to compromise in your relationship. What traits of your zodiac may be holding you back?

The Horoscope Wheel

The signs of the Zodiac, as we know them, are often organized in a circular fashion, just as they reside in the night sky. The sun, moon, and planets rotate through this wheel, which is how your sign is determined. However, this wheel itself is also a powerful tool. Why? The location of or your zodiac sign in relation to a potential partner can impact your compatibility. Take a look at your sign and the sign of your potential partner. If your partner’s sign is trine to your own (4 signs apart in the wheel) then you have excellent compatibility, whereas square signs (3 signs apart) are going to be fighting compatibility issues every step of the way. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but this is a great starting point to understanding the dynamic experienced between yourself and someone new.

The Elements

Another fairly commonly recognized aspect of astrology, the suns signs are organized into four different elemental categories – fire, water earth, and air. While these are broader categories than the 12 signs of the zodiac, they still provide some valuable insight into your overall personality and compatibility. Take a moment to look at the elemental compatibility between yourself and a potential partner. For example, if you were born under a fire element, you may want to be cautious about pursuing a relationship with a water element. In this pairing, the water element is often incredibly emotionally draining, something the fire element needs to be prepared to handle.

Moon Signs

Another influence on your life as of your moment of birth is the placement of the moon among the zodiac. While the sun rules over your personality and identity, the moon is closely linked with your emotions and emotional state. In order for a relationship to work long-term, you need to not only identify and understand your emotions but also learn to manage them in an effective manner. This is referred to as your emotional intelligence. Are you the kind of person who is sensitive and compassionate, or are you highly volatile with an intense temper?  Do you manage your emotions in a healthy and productive way, or do you allow them to bottle up until you lash out at everyone around you?

Pay attention to how your moon sign may influence your attitude, emotions, and behavior. Just as we discussed in relation to our sun signs, we can overcome our weaknesses with the right amount of effort and dedication. The higher your emotional intelligence, the more people will be drawn to you and the better your chances of maintaining a long-term relationship.

The Rising Sun

Getting into some of the more nuanced astrological influences in our lives, your rising sun sign refers to the zodiac sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact moment you were born, in the same way that the sun or moon will rise in the east. Often seen as complementary to your sun sign, your rising sun sign influences your public face, the way you carry yourself to the outside world. You may be a highly compassionate and sensitive person, but if you carry yourself as cold and heartless, that is what people will come to believe when they first meet you. We’ve all heard about the importance of first impressions! After you identify your rising sun sign, take a good look at what it reveals. Is this someone that others would be drawn to for a romantic relationship, or are you allowing your public face to drive people away before you even have a chance?