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The month of March 2018 is one of great energy. During this time, we will experience 2 full moons, each impact the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those around us. Furthermore, the month will also include not one, but two different planetary retrograde movements. On March 8th Jupiter will move into retrograde, while Mercury will do the same on March 22nd.

Jupiter retrograde will bring a time of personal growth and self-reflection, providing us with the insight required to re-examine our morals and values. This energy will challenge our views of ourselves, pushing us out of our comfort zones in order to force us to evolve and grow as an individual. Be warned – This type of change is never easy. It’s going to bring you discomfort and pain, however, for those that are able to capitalize on this time, the personal growth you will experience will be profound.

Source: Astro Butterfly


Meanwhile, the coming Mercury Retrograde is recognized as a time of chaos, confusion, and miscommunication. Efforts to share what we are thinking or feeling will fall short as we struggle to find the right words. With the March 2018 Mercury Retrograde occurring in Aries, these minor miscommunications and misunderstandings will be blown out of proportion, bringing anger, rage, jealousy, and frustration. You will find yourself speaking before you think, an impulsive decision that will likely get you into a great deal of trouble!

From March 22nd, when Mercury enters retrograde until it concludes on April 15th, both Jupiter and Mercury will be in retrograde at the same time, their combined energy overwhelming many. The combination of the vulnerability brought on by Jupiter Retrograde with the high possibility of conflict with others brought about by the communication struggle that is Mercury Retrograde is a recipe for one massive meltdown.

The first and most important step that you will need to take during this time is to exercise patience with yourself and those that you encounter. Try to remember that everyone is experiencing heightened emotions, influencing everything that we do and say. Embrace your flaws and your weaknesses, as it is only by fully accepting them that you will empower yourself to overcome them.

Force yourself to take the time to consider your options before acting. The impulsive and spontaneous nature of this period of time is often responsible for the greatest conflicts. Avoid emotionally charged responses to conflict and difficulty. Instead, consider both the risks and the possibility of reward for each option. In doing so, you will avoid unnecessary heartbreak while still allowing yourself to grow and evolve through life’s challenges.

These experiences are not necessarily negative – they are what you choose to make of them. Rather than falling victim to the energy around us, take the necessary steps to leverage this time and come out ahead.