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Have you ever been told that you are an old soul? The phrase is one that’s often thrown around, but very few people actually put thought into what is meant when someone says it. The belief in reincarnation states that when we die, it is only our physical form that perishes. Our soul is said to be reborn in a new body, starting a new life here on Earth.

By that logic, if someone possesses a wisdom that is said to be ‘wise beyond their years,’ this may actually be the result of an older soul carrying wisdom and knowledge from previous lives with it. They may not actually recall full memories or experiences from the past (although some do), but the life lessons that we learn along the way often stay with us to some degree, influencing our actions and decisions. If a soul begins life in a new body, it stands to reason that it may carry some of these important lessons with it, allowing them to use this knowledge in their new life.

If you have always felt as though you were a step ahead of the game, then this may not actually be your soul’s first life here. Instead, you may have a vast history that you are completely unaware of. Other signs include flashes of memories that don’t make sense with your current life, regular déjà vu, a powerful intuition, an unexplainable connection to other places in the world (places you may not have even visited before in this life) or feelings that you simply don’t belong here.

How old is your soul? Take this quiz to find out!

Image via Mommy Connections