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With the exception of the saints that walk among us, we have all been there at one time or another – faced with the anger and frustration of betrayal or hurt, we begin to consider the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’. However, highly intelligent people realize that there are better options.

It’s not that they are immune to the hurt and frustration. However, displaying a high level of emotional intelligence, these individuals are able to manage their feelings and make responsible decisions. They make their decisions as much based on their head as they do their heart, refusing to allow their emotions to cloud their judgment.

Resisting the urge for revenge doesn’t mean that justice is never served. From the moment that we put energy out into the universe, be it positive or negative, karma begins to take note. Those people who spend their lives bringing light, happiness and joy into the world will, ultimately, be rewarded for their incredible positivity. Meanwhile, those who bring pain, hurt and heartbreak to the world will pay the price for their negativity. Aware of the powerful workings of karma, highly intelligent people realize that revenge isn’t the answer.

#1 – They acknowledge that the best revenge is to be happy, healthy and successful.

Holding onto hatred and anger is toxic, tearing your down and destroying your happiness. Rather than allowing this negativity into your life, the best way to ‘stick it to’ a hater is to go out and succeed in this world. Experience joy and happiness, find love, succeed in your career – show them that their negativity hasn’t held you back in any way.

#2 – They realize that their image can make or break them in today’s society.

Let’s be honest, your image in today’s society is everything. If you come across as trustworthy and honest, this can propel you to success. If, however, you allow yourself to be seen as vengeful or full of hate, this can actually hold you back or prevent people from trusting your judgment. Highly intelligent people realize that their careers, relationships and more are a higher priority than their need to get revenge.

#3 – They know how to pick and choose their battles wisely.

Not every disagreement or difference of opinion is going to be worth fighting over. A highly intelligent person is able to look at the bigger picture, acknowledging when a battle is worth the potential risks and sacrifices that it will require, and when they are better off backing down. They recognize that sometimes being right isn’t the most important priority.

#4 – They turn this energy into their ‘why’.

Rather than allowing the frustration and anger that they are feeling tear them down, highly intelligent people harness this energy, turning it into the motivation that they need to succeed. Any time that they question their strength and determination, they simply have to think back to this moment.

#5 – They recognize that revenge can come with serious consequences.

While many people will lash out, selecting revenge in the heat of the moment without thinking about what it could mean in the bigger picture, highly intelligent people show more restraint. They understand that acting in anger can get someone into a bad or damaging situation. Instead, they take the time to consider the repercussions of their choices before acting.

#6 – They understand that karma will take care of it in time.

Rather than putting yourself in a negative situation, or expending unnecessary energy, highly intelligent people realize that the wheels are already in motion. They simply set back and allow karma to do its work. After all, what is more entertaining than watching someone get what’s coming to them? Right?

#7 – They keep their hands clean.

One of the greatest benefits to letting karma take over the situation is simply that highly intelligent people can keep their hands clean. They don’t have to worry about this justice coming back to bit them or affecting any area of their lives. They are merely the innocent third party watching it all go down.