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The next major equinox is just around the corner, and with it comes a time of transition and significant power. Are you prepared to harness this energy and step into the next season prepared for great things?

While most people associate the equinox simply with the changing of the seasons, there is far more at work at this time of year. Each year we will experience 2 equinox points (spring and fall) and 2 solstice points (summer and winter). Each of these 4 points is a time of heightened energy and manifestation, a time where the world is ours for the taking. You have two options available to you, either to step up and harness this energy, benefiting your life in great ways, or stand back and watch this great opportunity pass you by.

For those that live in the Northern Hemisphere, September 22nd will mark the Fall Equinox. As the days begin to get shorter and the nights longer, the influence of the sun and the moon on our lives will start to shift. The increased influence of the moon will bring with it intensified feelings and emotions, calling on us to tap into our emotional intelligence to avoid allowing this energy to push us over the edge. It is the time which we reap the benefits of the seeds we have sewn all year, coinciding with the harvest. It calls on us to deepen our relationships and take them to the next level.

In the Southern Hemisphere, however, this is the time of the Spring Equinox. Leaving behind the cold, dark winter nights we are now stepping into a time of increased sunshine, flowers and fertility. This is the point in the year where we are encouraged to identify what we hope to gain and begin to ‘plant the seeds’ for the year to come. It is the perfect time to reassess who you currently are as a person, identifying our flaws, quirks, and weaknesses and then setting the intentions to grow and evolve accordingly.

Are you prepared for September 22nd? Harness the power of the Fall Equinox with this powerful ritual:

You will need:

– A bowl of water

– Candle

– Pen and paper

– A fresh flower if you live in the Southern Hemisphere

– A dried leaf if you live in the Northern Hemisphere


#1. Find a quiet location, free from distraction if possible. This can be either outdoors or inside in a quiet room. Lay out the necessary ingredients within your reach, sitting comfortably.

#2. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, focused completely on your breathing in order to calm and quiet your mind, preparing yourself for the ritual.

#3. Light the candle.

#4. Taking your non-dominant hand (you will need your dominant hand free later), place it over your heart. Repeat the following affirmation:

“I am whole. I am balanced. I am Earth. I am Water. I am Fire. I am Air. I am the Sun and I am the Moon. All that is around me is connected to me, and I am connected to all that is around me. I am grounded. I am rooted within myself and within the Universe. I am harmony. I am love. I am light.”

#5. Close your eyes and take another 5 deep breaths, your hand still remaining in place over your heart.

#6. Taking your piece of paper, split it into two pieces. Identify one thing that you would like to release from your life and write it down on the first piece. On the second piece, write one thing you would like to add to or bring into your life. Fold both pieces of paper in half but keep them separated so that you can identify which is which.

#7. Take the piece of paper with the thing you want to let go of in your fist. State the following out loud:

“With the arrival of this new season, I release [state what you wrote down] from my life.”

Place the corner of the paper into the flame of your candle, allowing it to ignite, then drop the burning paper into the bowl of water.

#8. Take the second piece of paper with the thing you want to bring into your life written on it and place it on top of either your flower or leaf (depending on where you live). Folding the two items together firmly, state the following out loud:

“With the arrival of this new season, I welcome [state what you wrote down] into my life.”

Place the leaf/flower and the piece of paper into the bowl of water with the burnt piece of paper.

#9. Place your hands around the bowl and close your eyes. Visualize the item you want to release from your life leaving you and being replaced by the thing you want to bring into it. Thank the universe out loud five times before opening your eyes.

#10. Carefully discard of the bowl of water in your garden or yard, releasing its energy into the Universe.

Image via HubPages