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When you bask in the moonlight on a clear, calm night, you likely don’t realize that you are welcoming now only the energy of the moon into your life, but also the power and energy of the sun. When the two combine, they can empower us to manifest our wildest dreams and desires.

There is no denying the fact that the moon can be a wild and powerful influence on our lives. The ruler of our emotions, it has the ability to tap into not only the version of ourselves that we share with the world but also the hidden and secret true self that we keep buried away. In doing so, it has the power to inspire, motivate and encourage us, helping us to tap into our greatest passions in life. However, the energy of the moon is anything but static. In fact, as the moon moves through the lunar cycle, its phase has a significant impact on the way that it works in our lives.

Many astrologists agree that the lunar cycle is uniquely designed to help us seek our goals and dreams in this life. Over the course of 29 ½ days, the moon will cycle from completely dark to full and back again. With these changes, we will also experience significant shifts in our emotional state.

The New Moon is the start of something great – the start of the lunar cycle as well as the start of an important emotional cycle. This is the time to look within and seriously consider what you are hoping to attain in the coming days. Set your intentions carefully. Write these intentions down, internalize them – don’t just ‘know’ them, believe them. Believe that if you set your mind to it, you will achieve them. With the moon’s help, anything is possible.

As the moon continues to work its way through the lunar cycle, slowly beginning to share more light in the night sky, the emotions that you are feeling will increase as well. This will continue until you reach the full moon, the point of highest emotional intensity. This is why the full moon is known for such crazy and impulsive behavior – we are driven by our powerful and heightened emotions. This is also, however, the time in which we are most motivated to chase down our goals and dreams, putting our carefully designed and organized plans into action.

As we leave the full moon and begin working our way to the end of the lunar cycle, it is the perfect time for self-reflection and assessment. Look back on all that you accomplished leading up to and including throughout the full moon. In what ways were you successful? What changes could you have made that would have increased your chances of success?

There is a greater influence than just that of the moon and its phases to consider when you look at the incredible power that moonlight possesses. What exactly is moonlight? It’s the reflection of the sun’s rays off the moon and back onto us. For this reason, this powerful and important light is actually a combination of both the moon’s energy and the sun’s power. Simply spending 10 minutes a day basking in the moonlight will amplify the impact of the moon’s energy on our lives. Meditate in the moonlight daily while focusing on your intentions, and nothing can stop you.

Featured Image Via Jezzy-Art