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We often fail to understand the true power that your dreams carry in our lives, providing us with a unique look at our subconscious mind. However, the act of lucid dreaming calls on us to not only embrace the world of our dreams but to experience it at a deeper level.

Lucid dreaming introduces the idea of not only experiencing the dream world but to actually experience a new state of consciousness, providing you with the ability to actually live in your dream world. What does that mean? You can hear, feel, taste and smell within your dream, truly experiencing every detail as though it were real life. In fact, it is said that you can even control your dream and its outcome. It is like being awake and present but within your dream.

It certainly isn’t a new concept. In fact, the idea of lucid dreaming has been debated, criticized and contested as far back as the 1960s. However, one has to wonder what it is about this practice that allows it to continue to be discussed today. Obviously, there is some allure that continues to draw us in and captivate our attention.

If you are looking to experiment yourself, interested in experiencing this creative and fascinating experience first hand, the first step is to achieve a deep enough sleep. This can be incredibly difficult, especially with the large number of Americans that battle insomnia and other sleeping-related experiences on an ongoing basis. However, it’s not hopeless. Experts say that there are some natural solutions to induce a deep sleep, capable of supporting a lucid dream.

Here are 5 natural supplements that will allow you to explore the benefits of lucid dreaming:

#1 – 5-HTP

A common natural healing option for the treatment or management of insomnia, tension-headaches, depression, and anxiety. Working within the brain, 5-HTP works to trigger the production of serotonin within the brain, one of the body’s ‘feel-good’ hormones. This can prolong your deep-sleep experience, providing you with more time to engage in lucid dreaming.

#2 – Galantamine

An amino acid that is found in a number of different flowers, galantamine supplements are often found and health stores and vitamin retailers. This all-natural solution is often used to boost memory, improve sleep and clear the mind, however, its effects only remain in the body for approximately 48 hours at a time. While it has been found highly effective in inducing lucid dreaming, it can help you fall asleep but is ineffective in helping one to stay asleep.

#3 – Choline

An important nutrient that should be present in any healthy diet, as many as 90% of Americans are currently living with a choline deficiency. Choline is essential for everything from proper liver function to healthy brain development and has been found by some to make our dreams more vivid and realistic than ever before.

#4 – Mugwort

Throughout history, this herb has often been used to induce states of meditation, an integral part of many ceremonies and rituals. It is believed that mugwort works to heal the third eye chakra and banishes evil spirits and negativity from our lives. Natural medicine practitioners often used this herb to combat pain, relieve digestive irritation and prevent mental health struggles including depression, anxiety, restlessness, and irritability.

#5 – DHEA

A natural hormone that has been associated with the treatment of depression, DHEA can help you to let go of negativity and toxic energy. While this doesn’t’ necessarily trigger lucid dreaming, it can be used to encourage mental stimulation, which can provide you with more control when it comes to the experience. It can also help you to stay asleep longer and fall back asleep faster if you do happen to wake up throughout the night.

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