As we leave the month of October 2017 with its new beginnings, planting of seeds and preparation for exciting things to come we move into the month of November, a month that will start to show us the benefits of all our planning.

We now move into the month of November, a month that is believed told to hold a great deal of potential and significance according to those who study numerology. The number 11 is considered to be incredibly powerful, one of the three ‘Master numbers’ that are studied alongside the single-digits that make up the classic form of study. These numbers are met with excitement and anticipation as they are believed to harness the ability to push our limitations, open our minds to new concepts, overcome ignorance in favor of enlightenment and experience, first hand, the distinct difference between light and dark.

In the month of November, we step out of the mundane routine of our day to day lives trying new experiences, harnessing our full potential and accomplishing goals that we may not have fully believed we were capable of accomplishing in previous months.

Furthermore, adding to the excitement and potential of the month is the Full Beaver Moon, a full moon that will look its fullest on November 3rd. The term ‘Full Beaver Moon’ can be traced back to the beliefs of the Native Americans who saw the month of November as the time to set the beaver traps before the frost set in and the swamps froze over. Marking a shift in time from the colors of the fall to the impending cold of winter, this month came to represent a time of change. Much like the beaver traps, if one is willing to put the necessary preparation in while moving into the month, the month of November will show them the results of their efforts.

Source: Astrology King


From an astrological perspective, the November full moon is heavily influenced by Neptune and Venus.

The planet Neptune is known for bringing energies of sensitivity and compassion, encouraging all who embrace its influence to fully tap into their emotional selves and the power that these strong emotions can evoke. Neptune also encourages us to fully embrace our sense of intuition, trusting in the messages that it is attempting to deliver.

Venus, on the other hand, is well known for being the ‘planet of love.’ The influence of Venus directly impacts the relationships in our lives – our relationship with family members, our friends and our romantic lives. Those who remain patient and open-minded to the influence of the November 2017 full moon will be introduced to new people that will, in time, hold a place of significance and importance, potentially bringing important life changes.

This full moon will be a time of creativity and imagination. If you have been working on setting out a plan to make changes in an area of your life, whether it is on your career goals, the hobbies that you entertain or your current educational focus, this is the time to start hitting the pavement. Put your plans into action, commit yourself to following them, through the challenges and the times of celebration.

Follow your ‘gut’ and you the benefits will follow!

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