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Everything in the Universe is made of energy, an undeniable force with the ability to lift us up and empower us, or, on the other hand, to tear our world apart. The difference is whether you are inviting positive or negative energy into your life.

Far too often we overlook the power that this energy holds. However, if we are able to identify and harness the opportunities for positive energy in our lives, we can use it to help us achieve great success. First, however, we must have an understanding of how these energies work.

There is no avoiding negative energy entirely, as great as that would be. Unfortunately, each and every one of us lives in a world where we will be subject to it on a regular basis. There are, however, steps that one can take to protect ourselves from this negativity, including little changes as simple as choosing not to engage in the drama that we may encounter and focusing our attention on finding solutions in life instead of dwelling on the problems. As the law of attraction states, if you are one that puts positivity out into the world, you will receive positivity in return. Sounds easy, doesn’t’ it?

Despite your best efforts to always come out on top, we will all face challenges and difficulties at one time or another in our lives. For many, in today’s society, this will come in the form of financial struggles, especially those living in lower or middle-income households. A study conducted by the global firm UBS revealed that 1/3 of the bottom 60% of income earners in the united states report being ‘stressed’. They define ‘financial stress’ as the state one is in when their financial debts and obligations exceed 30% of their income, and their savings and assets would fail to carry them for 6 months in the event of a job loss or layoff.

While there are many changes you could try to employ in your life in order to improve your current financial state, such as working on building your savings, creating and sticking to a budget or seeking a better paying job, this is an example of a time where you can look at putting the energy of the Universe to work in a positive way in your life.

Prayer is a powerful tool that has been largely associated with organized religion, such as Christianity, however, this powerful tool has uses outside of the church as well. Even those who don’t believe in organized religion can embrace the power of prayer, regardless of their beliefs in regard to a higher power or the bigger picture. It is for this reason that an estimated 55% of Americans still report praying every day.

Use the power of prayer to improve your financial state by using this prayer to free yourself from debt:

Repeat this prayer daily, either aloud or within your own mind. Speak not for yourself, but to the Universe, opening your heart and soul to all that it offers. Be sure to approach this prayer with a grateful heart, freeing yourself from any negativity that may currently exist in your life.

“I am derived from the light, the greater picture and the abundance of the Universe.

I share my heart and my spirit with this greater purpose.

The Universe is responsible for all that I possess. It is the source of my abundance.

I declare that all the energies in this world and in the Universe as a whole are working together to attract unlimited abundance in every area of my life.

I declare that I will be so blessed that I will not have to ask for anything, as the Universe will provide.

By believing in the Universe, I will never long for anything.