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Stop wasting your time on people who refuse to put effort into making you happy. For some reason, we as human beings accept ‘love’ from people who don’t even know how to love in the first place and in the end we get hurt as a result.

The people who come into your life romantically should not be the people you end up feeling the most disconnected from. Finding someone who chooses you just as often as you choose them shouldn’t be as hard as it seems to be in this day and age. You should not be wasting your time with someone who isn’t going to make you feel like you’re the one person who matters the most to them.

If someone isn’t putting their efforts in you, they do not deserve your time. You deserve back the efforts you’ve been giving and nothing less. Coming to realize this will do you a lot of good moving forth. Stop falling for people who will never truly love you back, spend some time on your own and fall for someone who is going to be there for you through the ups and downs this world throws at you.

When it comes to love and dating as a whole we all deserve respect and to be comfortable with the people in our lives. We should be inspired by the love we share with one another not held back and closed off as a result of its existance in the first place. Your lover should not belittle you or break you down, he or she should build you up and make you feel like you’re the only person who matters to them.

Stop being so devoted and dedicated to people who aren’t willing to even commit to you, they are not worth your efforts or your time. You are a powerful person who is capable of so much in this world and you need to realize that. Fall in love with someone who cares about you in all the ways you care about them and who will guide you when you’re in need.

You should never settle for someone who refuses to accept your worth and treat you properly. You are a person full of growth and you are well on your way to being who you’ve always wanted to be. Do not let toxic people or toxic situations hold you back. Love will come when you’re ready and you don’t have to push for it right now.

If the love you’re present in makes it impossible to think of others and is full of happiness, you’re right where you need to be. The love you share with your partner should be one that helps better you, not one that hinders you entirely. You deserve so much more than what most have to offer and you need to keep that in mind when it comes to the people you allow close in your life.

If they’re not going to prove themselves to you they aren’t worth it, you deserve appreciation and comfort. Your partner shouldn’t leave you wishing you could find something more or hoping that things will change. Love just doesn’t work that way.