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There has been no shortage of astrological influences in our lives this year. After an incredibly intense summer of planetary retrograde, and a somewhat chaotic and highly emotional fall, we are moving into the month of November with the promise of change. What does the Universe have in store for us?

On November 7th the moon will start a new lunar cycle with the coming of the latest New Moon. The first phases of the lunar calendar, the new moon is often overlooked as we focus all of our attention on the chaos and confusion of the full moon. However, the new moon carries its own unique energy – one with the ability to directly impact our lives in a significant way. The new moon is a time of fresh beginnings, the perfect opportunity to refocus our attention on our goals and dreams and set our intentions for the coming weeks.

This coming New Moon is going to occur in the sign of Scorpio, a highly passionate sign that is sure to magnify this energy in a surprising and unexpected way. Professional astrologer Donna Page explains, “What we should expect from the Scorpio new moon is the awakening of deep emotions and the ability to see what is going on underneath the surface.”

Scorpio doesn’t feel the need to play by the rules or get permission for its actions. Instead, it’s a sign known for following its heart and chasing down its goals and dreams regardless of what challenges it may face. This determination and out of the box thinking will open your eyes and your mind to new opportunities that may not have otherwise crossed your mind. Even more impressive, it may just guide you to find a solution to problems that have long seemed impossible to overcome.

This specific new moon carries a unique influence as it shares the sign of Scorpio with the planet Jupiter for its short time gracing the night sky. Associated with luck, higher learning, and abstract thinking, Jupiter will push your mind to even greater levels. Rather than feeling bound by the rules and limitations of our own realm, it will challenge you to consider the impact of the spiritual realm on our efforts.

If there is a time this year that the impossible is going to appear completely within our reach, this is it. But only if you are willing to shed your own self-doubts and limitations. No one has the power to hold you back if you set your mind on success.

Take some time to sit down and write out your goals and dreams, refusing to hold back. Even if something appears to be a longshot. From here, look through your list and highlight those that you consider to be a top priority. As the new moon’s energy starts to influence your thinking, you will find yourself motivated to seriously consider your efforts towards these dreams. Don’t pass this up! Record your ideas and inspirations, plan out your coming weeks and, most importantly, begin to put these plans into action. Success is in the palm of your hand.

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