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The practice of using crystals for healing and protection dates back through generations. Each civilization had its own standard practices, however, one thing remained true – the healing energies possessed by the talismans and amulets were an integral part of their belief system.

Throughout history, there is evidence of the use of crystals and stones in the writings of the Ancient Egyptians. They used specific gems for the purposes of protection, health, combating night terrors, purging evil spirits and honoring the deceased as grave amulets. Similar mention was discovered in the writing of the Ancient Greeks, Chinese and that of the Maoris in New Zealand.


Recently a man was discovered buried in Sungir Russia. One of the most interesting parts of this ice age discovery wasn’t necessarily the man himself, but the presence of ivory believed to carry powerful properties back in his time. Estimated to have been buried approximately 27,000 years ago, the man was adorned with 25 different bracelets made from mammoth ivory totaling 2936 ivory beads.

The current use and traditions, known as the New Age, was first seen in the 1960s. Drawing on the beliefs and practices of the ancestors that came before them, the healing and protective properties of crystals were once again front and center. Today the use of crystals is discussed in the mainstream media and the practice is endorsed by well-known celebrities including Adele, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and Kate Hudson.

If you are preparing to introduce the use of crystals into your own life, the first step is education. Each crystal carries its own strengths and benefits similar to the use of various herbs or even modern medicine. For example, if you were looking to remedy a potential infection on your foot you wouldn’t take an antacid. Knowing and understanding your crystals will empower you to optimize your use of these powerful tools in your life, as well assist you in selecting the best crystals for your own personal use.


Here are 8 crystals that we believe every woman should have in her magical arsenal:

#1 – Selenite

A great first step for people who are looking to introduce crystals into their lives, selenite is known for its ability to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit of negative energies. It can also remove any blockages, preparing yourself to accept positivity in your life. It also has the ability to magnify the positive energies of anything that it touches.

#2 – Pyrite

Known for its protective abilities, pyrite will keep you safe from an often-overlooked source of toxic and negative energies – your own self-thoughts. Keeping this crystal on hand will help you to see through the negative self-talk and identify the thoughts and behaviors in your life that are really holding you back, empowering you in your journey of self-improvement.

#3 – Rose Quartz

Best known for its association with love, friendship and affection, rose quartz is an incredibly powerful tool if you are looking to open your heart to love including self-love, romantic love and that which you feel for your close friends and family. It encourages feelings of contentment, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and happiness.

#4 – Shungite

In our high-tech society, we are exposed to EMF waves every day. Many of the items responsible for our exposure, including cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, power tools and various types of lighting, are a regular part of our daily lives. This is where shungite becomes a necessary addition to your crystal collection as it has the ability to absorb and eliminate these energies, offering the protection that we require.

#5 – Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a crystal with a VERY necessary purpose in our lives today – it helps us to see ourselves in the positive light that others do, rather than looking down on ourselves or accepting irrational self-criticism as fact. This important crystal promotes self-love and acceptance, encouraging us to build a stronger and more beneficial relationship with ourselves.

#6 – Garnet

While it may be tempting to hit your favorite local coffee shop the next time that you need a pick me up, keeping a garnet close at hand can offer the same benefit without the caffeine crash. Nicknamed ‘the energizer,’ garnets are known for being able to provide energy, motivation, inspiration, and the push needed to go out and seize the moment.

#7 – Amethyst

If you are looking to tap into your own innate talents and abilities, amethyst helps you to connect with your spiritual and psychic gifts. An effective protection against negative energies, it is also a great source of relaxation as it soothes away the stress, challenges and negative thinking resulting from a long day, providing in its place a positive influence.

#8 – Fluorite

If you struggle with feelings of anxiety or high stress, fluorite is a must have crystal. Recognized for its ability to encourage tranquillity, harmony and mental clarity, this crystal will work to ease anxious thoughts, reframe the way you view the world around you, cleanse your mind of negative thinking and can even promote better sleep.


Featured image via Conscious Reminder