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When discussing the topic of astrology, we place a significant amount of importance on the sun and its energy, but what about the other forces that impact our daily lives? The moon is often overlooked, but with the changing phases of the moon, we feel its energy every day.

Each planet carries it’s only energy, directly influencing a specific area of our lives, including the moon, which is said to rule over our emotions. It encourages us to explore our emotional selves, tapping into our deepest and most vulnerable feelings. Not only does this have an impact on the way that we are personally feeling, the emotions that we carry with us every day, it also influences every situation that you face.

Consider, for a moment, how you make the decisions that shape your life. How did you choose your career? The person that you are now spending your life with? The town that you live in? While there likely were some logical facts taken into consideration along the way, such as your financial state, or your opportunities for advancement, at the end of the day every decision we make is driven by our emotions.

This is where the moon factors into everything. As it shifts through the various phases of the lunar cycle, the energy of the moon intensifies or calms our emotions. It has the ability to open our hearts and our minds, influence our thinking and alter the course of our lives. Interested in better understanding that impact? Here is a break down of the 4 main phases of the lunar cycle, and what they mean for your life.

New Moon

The first phase of the lunar cycle, the new moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. While the lunar cycle as a whole is set up to propel you forward and encourage growth, the new moon phase is the point in which you should consider where you want to go and set your intentions. This will encourage creative thinking as you imagine where your life could be 5, 10 and 15 years from now. During this time, you may feel energized, motivated and excited for the future. Channel this into establishing goals and dreams both for the immediate future as well as further down the road.

First Quarter

As the moon slowly begins to show more light, both our motivations and our emotions also grow. This is the point in which you begin to establish a plan for what how you plan on accomplishing your goals and dreams. This is a stage of growth, evolution, and construction. Tapping into your motivation, you and you alone hold the power to make things happen. During this time, your emotions will encourage you to stretch your personal boundaries, try new things and truly explore the world – embrace it. At the same time, you will notice that your intuition will be working hard to guide you and direct you. Trust that ‘gut feeling’ and it will steer you in the right direction.

Full Moon

If there is one concept of astrology that nearly everyone understands, it is that the full moon is a ‘crazy time’ marked by ‘wild behavior’. I’m not going to deny that, in fact, there is an explanation for this. The full moon is the time of greatest emotional intensity, driving us to make impulsive decisions and knee-jerk reactions. This is what leads to the crazy behavior that law enforcement officers and emergency room doctors prepare for. During this time, you will face your biggest obstacles, but you also possess your greatest motivation to keep fighting and working towards all that you desire. Don’t allow yourself to be derailed over silly, meaningless challenges along the way.

Last Quarter

The final of the four major phases of the lunar cycle, the last quarter is a time for personal reflection. It is at this stage that you will find yourself withdrawing from the world and focusing, instead, on your innermost feelings and emotions. Don’t fight the process, as this is an incredibly important time. You will have the opportunity to look at how far you have come, what actions were productive and what may have held you back over the course of this lunar cycle. Why is that so meaningful? The information you discover will help you to establish your intentions in the coming new moon, improving your chances of success and steering you in the direction of your greatest desires in life.