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Celtic signs and symbols hold great power and meaning throughout their history, believed to protect others, share legends from the past, depict elements of one’s heritage and reach out the powers that be, depending on which religion or set of beliefs one follows. Many known Celtic symbols can be traced back to the medieval period and beyond, providing us with a unique insight into life at the time.

Understanding the history behind these symbols, and the cultural and stylistic similarities help us to better understand how they reflect upon our lives. Much like color analysis and similar studies of one’s personality and response to outside stimuli, the way in which you respond to and connect with different symbols can say a lot about you.

There are many different personality tests out there on the Internet today, each professing their ability to determine your personality based on various facts – a list of questions, which colors you prefer, or, like this test, selecting which symbol or image out of a group speaks to you most. Combining an understanding of Celtic history and folklore with modern psychology, this test will provide a glimpse into your true self.

Select One of These 6 Celtic Sigils and Read on to Discover What it Means:

1. The Tree of Life

Discovered to be a central building block to early Celtic spirituality, the tree of life was believed to be the provider of all basic needs in life such a food, shelter and fuel for cooking and warmth. This strength and ability to provide carries over to your personality. You are the friend that others turn to for support when times are challenging. You are the rock of your group, that person who is always strong in times of trial, holding everyone else up. Much like a tree you are deeply rooted, grounded and connected with the natural environment from which you draw your energy.

2. The Fire Within

This specific symbol, The Fire Within, is a style of Celtic knot that represents both the element of fire and the Pheonix, the sacred bird of fire and new beginnings. You are a passionate and driven individual who knows what they want in life and is unwilling to back down in your efforts to reach your goals and dreams. You are an unending ball of energy, always on the go and sometimes forgetting that you do need to take a break to recharge. When life throws you challenges or tears you down you don’t wallow in self-pity. Instead, like the Phoenix, you are reborn, determined to succeed.

3. The Great Dragon

In Celtic folklore, the dragon is a symbol most often associated with wisdom and immortality. An immeasurable and unstoppable force of nature, when you set your mind to something there is no standing in your way. You are often told that you are an old soul, and may even find that you tend to connect with people who are older than you. This is due to the wisdom that you possess, a wealth of knowledge that others quickly pick up on. When friends need advice or guidance you are the person that they call, even if you are the youngest member of the group. You have a strong sense of intuition, and it is rarely wrong. Learn to trust your ‘gut feelings.’

4. The Pentacle

The Pentacle is a highly revered and respected symbol in Celtic beliefs, symbolizing power and protection. You aren’t someone who generally makes friends easily, keeping your ‘inner circle’ relatively small and close-knit, however, if someone does make it into that circle then you would do anything to ensure that they are okay. If someone challenges someone that you hold dear, you are quick to jump to protect and defend them. You are drawn to causes where you feel as though you are speaking up for the underdog, drawing on your inner power for the strength to fight against society where it is required to ‘set things right’ and work towards a true equality in life.

5. The Feline Knot

You are a highly flexible individual, willing to go with the flow whatever that may mean in your life. While you have an idea of where you want to go in life, you recognize that the journey may not be a straight line, open to detours and changes in direction as they should arise. You live your life with a sense of urgency, often forgetting the beauty that can be found in slowing down and appreciating the moment. Remind yourself to turn off the electronics, take a break from the responsibilities of life and just ‘live’ from time to time.

6. The Divine Sun Flower

Much like the sunflower, you are drawn to the light, seeking out all that is positive and uplifting in life. You wear your heart on your sleeve, welcome anyone that comes into your life with open arms and an open heart. Your care and compassion for your fellow man are unmatched, a personal trait that causes many to look up to and admire you. Unfortunately, as someone who is so quick to welcome others into your heart, you have also experienced your share of heartbreak, often being taken advantage of. It is important to know that it is okay to take steps to protect yourself.