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We have all been there at one time or another. Lost and a little confused in life, we look to the Universe for some sort of sign or guidance as to what we should do next. Rather than waiting in the hope that something may happen along the way, why not ask the Universe for the direction that you seek?

It sounds like a crazy concept, doesn’t it? After all, with something as big and powerful in our lives as the energy of the universe, where would you even begin? Everything around is comprised of energy, and it’s all tied together in a significant way. This is the binding force that unites our Universe. Everything that is and everything that will be is driven by this energy, which makes it bigger and more powerful than anything else around us.

The magnitude of this energy often makes people feel small or insignificant. Regardless of whether you believe that there is a God, and this energy is his or her influence over the world, or you simply believe that it is a spiritual energy with the power to influence all, it can be hard to accept that this power would notice let alone pay attention to one single human life.

Rest assured, you are more connected to this divine power than you may realize. In fact, if you are in need of guidance, you simply need to ask.

One of the most common and effective ways to connect with the universe is through meditation. If you are new to meditation, don’t be intimidated. It isn’t as challenging or strict as it is often portrayed. In fact, the first step to start meditating is simply to focus on your breathing.

Your first few times meditating, keep the time frame short in order to set yourself up for success. Start by picking a single thing to focus on, this could be starting at the flame of a candle, focusing on a specific sound like a chant or the sound of a gong, or closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Push all other thoughts from your mind, narrow your focus until you enter a point of true calm. It may take a few times before you can do this effectively, but once you have become comfortable with this stage, then you are ready to start asking the universe for a sign.

Sit down and meditate until such time that you have reached this state of calm and connection. Close your eyes and begin to imagine a single, thin stream of light descending from the heavens and slowly engulfing you. Envision it passing over your body like a wave, reaching every extremity from your toes and fingertips, through to the top of your head. Bathe in it, embrace it, and welcome it into your soul.

When you are one with this energy, this is the time to ask the question. Speak aloud, vocalizing the situation for which you are needing guidance. Be clear, sincere and truthful. Remember that you can’t deceive or hide anything, as the universal energy is everywhere, and already knows everything there is to know. When you are finished, be sure to express your appreciation, thanking it.

Now for the hardest part. When you have done all of this, it is time to step back and wait. Maintain an open mind and heart, and the answers you seek will be revealed.