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If you have experienced a ringing in your ears you may be looking for an answer or solution. Ranging from a minor background notice to an incredibly annoying sound, interfering with your ability to focus and carry out your regular day to day living. You may hear ringing all the time, with no relief, or it may come and go intermittently. The explanation for this sensation may be more interesting than you could have imagined.


Physical Causes

Ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus, may be explained by a physical cause or source. To begin with, think back to the last time that your ears were properly cleaned. If you are experiencing a wax build up, blocking your ears, it may be causing your problem. If, however, you have cleaned your ears recently and are still suffering from this irritating condition, its time to look into other potential explanations.

One common cause is exposure to loud sounds. This may come from playing your music too loudly or working with noisy equipment such as chainsaws and jackhammers. Consider your daily activities, looking for situations in which you may have exposed yourself to noise at levels high enough to trigger this effect.


Tinnitus may also have a medical cause. It is one of the signs of a concussion, so if you have recently bumped your head, fallen or had some sort of accident then it is advisable that you speak with a doctor. This is especially true if you are also currently experiencing a headache, nausea or dizziness, also well-known signs. Certain medication may also cause tinnitus in those that are taking them at higher doses including various antibiotics and antidepressants. Take the time to research the side effects of your medication and speak with your doctor anytime that you are being given a new prescription.

If at all in doubt, or if none of these explanations fit, see your doctor for a checkup. It is better to assess the situation and ensure that there is nothing going on than to overlook a potentially concerning cause.

Spiritual Causes

If you are hearing ringing in your ears and have eliminated the potential physical causes, it is time to consider that this experience could indicate something spiritual. Ringing in your ears is a form of clairaudience, a spiritual gift that allows you to hear that which is inaudible to the average person. Ringing is actually only one of a number of different sensations that fall into this category, also including buzzing, whooshing sounds or clicking.

These sounds are often associated with some form of spiritual communication. Someone is trying to reach out to you such as a family member or friend that has passed, a spirit guide, or some type of highly evolved being. We often live our lives with a shield up, protecting ourselves from outside vibrational energy and this shield is preventing them from an open communication. Despite this barrier, someone is determined to get your attention.


In order to receive the message that they are trying to share, find a quiet space in which you will not be interrupted. Closing your eyes, push all other thoughts from your mind, opening your mind to hear that which they are trying to say. Speak to the entity, inviting them to join you and informing them that you are ready to hear that which they are trying to say. Ask them to reveal themselves an then wait, providing them with the time necessary to respond.

Remember, this is an incredible spiritual gift! Don’t pass up on this remarkable and meaningful experience.

Featured image via Now Meditation