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Chosen to walk the Earth as examples of how to live our best lives, spirit warriors are remarkable individuals. United in mind, body, and soul, they know where they want to go in life, and the best way to make their destiny a reality.

We live in an incredibly dark world, full of hatred and violence. All you have to do is turn on the television and watch the local news, and you will find yourself reminded of just how true this is. It may leave you feeling as though the future is bleak, but don’t fear. Walking among us are an incredible group of individuals, the ‘chosen few’, sent to guide us back to a better world. Spirit warriors are the hope for our future, the example of a life of love, light, and happiness.

Are you destined to live the life of a spirit warrior? Watch for these 11 signs:

#1 – Following Their Heart

There is one struggle that we all face in our lives, finding the balance between responsibility/what is expected of us and the desires of our heart. Our passions are our true calling in life, directing us towards the path that we are destined to follow. Spirit warriors show us that you can follow your heart, even if it defies all expectations.

#2 – Strength to Overcome Fears

No one lives this life without some sort of fear, whether it’s fear of a tangible object like spiders, or something more internal like fear of failure. Success can only come through overcoming these fears, a process that is often uncomfortable and even painful. Spirit warriors show us how to embrace these fears, empowering themselves to then overcome them and rise above.

#3 – Empathy and Compassion

Rather than solely focusing on their own needs, wants and desires, spirit warriors have a big heart for those around them. They demonstrate true empathy, understanding the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of those around them. This giving and compassionate way of living is a testament to their heart.

#4 – A Love of the Truth

True spirit warriors value honesty above all else. They recognize that the truth is the key to unlock true happiness, growth, and connection, and have made it their goal to share this reality with the rest of the world. While the truth may bring short-term pain, it is the best choice long term.

#5 – Forces of Light and Joy

Have you ever met someone that genuinely lights up any room that they walk into? They are the people who truly bring a smile to the faces of those around them, spreading joy and happiness everywhere that they go.

#6 – Brush Themselves Off and Start Over

Despite your best efforts, you may have to face the painful experience of your whole life crashing down around you. This experience of hitting rock bottom may seem hopeless, but a spirit warrior refuses to let that get them down. Instead, they stand up, brush themselves off and show the world that you can start over. They demonstrate to everyone around them that even if they lost the battle, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost the war.

#7 – Patience

As much as we would love to tackle everything at lightning speed, instantly making things happen, that’s not how this world works. True success in any area of our lives will require patience and understanding, skills that many people today seriously lack. Spirit warriors face the world with patience and grace. They wait for the right time to act, using their resources wisely to achieve their goals.

#8 – Strength in the Face of Trial

Warrior spirits have been sent to Earth to help us face the challenges of this life. They often do so by setting an example, standing with their head held high despite some of life’s greatest trials including disability, disease, financial struggles, or extreme grief. They do this to provide us with a clear example of how to handle such situations.

#9 – Choose Their Battles Wisely

We are surrounded by so many negative, challenging or questionable situations, battles that call upon us to fight and change the world. If we were to take on every battle we come across, we would be completely overwhelmed. Spirit warriors show us the power of choosing our battles wisely, focusing their time and energy on those situations that matter most in their lives. You can’t change everything at once, but you can change one thing.

#10 – Freedom from Negativity

Throughout our lives, we are provided with the opportunity to choose between positivity and negativity. Many people will choose the easy way out, opting for convenience over their own morals and beliefs. Spirit warriors refuse to accept negativity into their lives in any way, shape or form, protecting their hearts and their minds. They are truly free from negativity in every way possible.

#11 – Choose Love Above All Else

If there is one thing that a spirit warrior is sent to bring to the world around us, it is true love in the face of an otherwise violent and chaotic world. The introduce love in every area of their lives, performing random acts of kindness simply because it ‘feels right’. These are the people who smile at complete strangers and hold the door for others out in public. They simply want to bring love into the lives of everyone that they meet.

Feature Image Source: AKK, LLC