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As the sun shifts into the sign of Aquarius between January 20th and February 18th, we must prepare ourselves for the unique, quirky and creative energy that we will be experiencing. While this is certain to cause some excitement and mischief for everyone, it’s going to be a very difficult time for 3 zodiac signs.

For those that are familiar with astrology, Aquarius is known for its fresh vision and creative outlook on life. It challenges us to step outside of our comfort zone and buck tradition. While this can be frightening, especially or the more grounded and conservative individuals among us, this new perspective may be the solution to some of life’s greatest problems. You may find yourself solving situations that have eluded you for days, weeks or even months, encouraged by Aquarius’ energy.

It is a time where we are encouraged to embrace our individuality, identifying the aspects of our personality that will allow us to stand out in a crowd. This is going to be a time of personal growth as we discover new, exciting aspects of our personality and tap into strengths that we may not have previously been aware of. However, anytime that you make drastic changes in your life, it’s going to be challenging. It is our routine that allows us to feel grounded and comfortable, and this will turn that completely on its head.

While Aquarius season can be uncomfortable for everyone, it will be particularly challenging for these 3 zodiac signs:

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

While your compassionate and emotional nature is a strength in many situations, Aquarius season is certainly not one of them. The changes and shifts during this time are going to leave you feeling incredibly overwhelmed, unable to make sense of the emotions that are flooding your life. Don’t allow yourself to throw in the towel. If you continue to power forward and face these difficulties, you will find that you are stronger and more capable than you ever believed to be possible. This is a great opportunity to tap into your innermost power. Be focused in your goal setting, as it will help you to determine the best path to success.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Others find you to be a little difficult to read on a normal day, but the energy of Aquarius is going to push you to the point of even deeper introspection. As you begin to open your eyes to new perspectives in life you will retreat from the rest of the world just to give yourself the time and energy necessary to better understand what this means in your own life. This will, however, cause some serious tension in your relationships as friends and family believe you are distancing yourself or cutting them off. The best thing that you can do is to try to find a balance between working on yourself and maintaining some level of connection with those that you love. This isn’t easy but try to keep in mind that this is only a short time.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The most challenging thing for you during this time is that you won’t be able to identify what is causing you to struggle. As you enter into Aquarius season, you will find yourself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This is going to impact everything that you do, making you feel as though the smallest tasks are nearly impossible to manage, let alone the more demanding aspects of your life. If you are going to make it through this time with as little pain and stress as possible, then you are going to have to put some serious focus on your self-care. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself first, you aren’t going to be any help to those that you care about.