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The summer of 2018 has been an intense one astrologically as we navigated our way through the impact of 7 different planets in retrograde and 3 eclipses. As we head into the fall this energy will wind down a bit, but it’s certainly not over!

The month of September is the official shift into autumn as the Equinox looms before us. As with the start of any season, this will bring a change in the energies that the Universe introduces into our lives. As we are currently in the 6th sign of the zodiac, we are halfway through the zodiac cycle. This means that we are at its peak, the turning point as we begin to head once again towards the end of this energy cycle. Needless to say, we’re about to experience the full power of the zodiac.

While we talk about the impact that the individual planets and the zodiac have on our lives, the study of numerology is often overlooked. This lesser-known practice involves analyzing the specific numbers in our lives, and how they impact the energy that we feel. This includes addresses, dates, times, and various words and names through the association between the alphabet and numbers. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple to grasp!

When analyzing dates, those who study numerology refer to your ‘Personal Year Number’. While many other numbers in our lives are constantly changing, this number (derived from your birthdate) will always remain consistent for one year at a time. In this way, your Personal Year Number is a reflection of you who are as a person, similar to your zodiac sign.

Discovering your Personal Year Number is easy. Start with the month and day you were born, for example, we will use November 28th. Converting the month to a numerical value that means you have 11 and 28. Add each of these numbers together, 1+1=2, and 2+8=10, which can be further simplified 1+0=1. Take these two numbers and add them together, 2+1=3. This will be the base for your personal year number from year to year if you were born on November 28th.

From here, you then compensate by adding the year that you are currently into the equation. For 2018, simply add the digits of the year together 2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2. Then add this number to your Personal Year Number, 3+2=5. At this stage, if you were looking for the impact of a specific month, you would then add that month’s number into the equation – but this is where September gets interesting.

September is an incredibly special and unique month when it comes to the study of numerology. Why, you may ask? When you add the number 9 (for September) to any number, it will always break down to the number that you initially started with. To continue the above example, 5+9=14, 1+4=5. Therefore, this is a month where all our energies are intensified, providing us with untold power for great change in our lives. Are you prepared for it?

Discover your Personal Year Number, and then read on to discover what September 2018 has in store for you:

Number 1

This month is all about fresh starts and new beginnings for you. If you have found that your current life is not working out the way you would like it to, September 2018 is going to offer you the opportunity to turn that around entirely. At the same time, however, don’t think you’re going to get this kind of fresh start for free! It’s going to take some serious personal reflection and plenty of hard work. I would recommend rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty, as you will thank yourself in the long run. The whole world is at your fingertips, you simply have to decide where you plan on going in this life.

Number 2

If you have been confused about where this life is going, don’t worry. The month of September 2018 is going to be a time of clarity, understanding and fresh perspectives. This year has brought you a lot of stress as you have found yourself pulled in many different directions. However, the biggest challenge has been that you have no idea of where you want to go in order to make the best decision on which of these directions you should be taking. During this time, you are going to meet some incredible new connections that will help you to narrow down your focus on life. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

Number 3

You’ve never really been a master of communication, often choosing to keep your thoughts, feelings, and opinions to yourself simply to avoid trying to explain them to those around you. While you may see this as a means of avoiding conflict, you’re actually fostering some serious resentment due to the fact that you feel like your opinions are never heard. The responsibility lies in your hands – people can’t hear what you’re saying if you never say it! The month of September 2018 is going to help you to build the necessary communication skills to ensure that this is no longer a problem, but only if you’re willing to open your mind to learning new things. You’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone, as much as you would like to avoid that.

Number 4

While you have been out dominating in the boardroom, improving your public persona and succeeding at any hobby you choose to engage in, one area of your life has been seriously neglected – your home life. Your relationships with your family members have felt strained, but it’s time to put that to rest. During the month of September 2018, any problems involving your family and home life will be thrust into the spotlight. This is going to force you to address them once and for all, tying up loose ends and empowering yourself to move forward once and for all. Take advantage of this. Life can be so much more enjoyable without all this additional pressure.

Number 5

Open your heart and your mind to discover your inner creativity, as this will be the focus of September 2018 for you. Rather than playing by the rules, this is the perfect time to tap into your wildest thoughts and ideas, thinking outside the box. The secret to success will lie in the most unlikely places. In order to truly tap into this side of your mind, you need to free yourself from the stress of the world around you. If your mind feels cluttered with day to day thinking, then take some time to practice some simple breathing exercises or meditation. Once you have released this negativity and confusion, everything else will reveal itself.

Number 6

Seen by others as highly successful, you’re always coming out on top, but this puts an intense pressure on your life. You take on everything and anything, which is how you stay ahead of the pack, but it may be time to take a step back. Even the most productive and high-achieving people need to embrace some ‘me time’ occasionally in order to ensure that they stay on top of their mental and emotional health.  Schedule some time into your daily schedule to enjoy your morning coffee in peace watching the sunrise, to take a hot relaxing bath or to curl up with your favorite book. You can’t keep running on an empty battery. It’s time to put the focus on relaxing and recharging yourself.

Number 7

You have been dominating your career in 2018, with new promotions, raises, and opportunities. This has left you feeling confident, accomplished and ready to take on anything that life may throw your way. However, throughout all of this one thing has held you back, and that’s your ability to establish balance in your life. Career success is great, but it’s not the only thing that this life has to offer. It’s time to explore new hobbies, meet new people and discover the things that make you happy. This month is going to provide you with the opportunity to find true happiness.

Number 8

Don’t underestimate the power that you hold within yourself. Far too often you downplay your strengths and abilities not because you are unable to achieve the things that you desire most, but simply because you struggle with confidence and question whether you are truly capable of succeeding in your efforts. The people around you don’t doubt your capabilities, and it’s time that you start to see them as well. September 2018 is going to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, pushing you to actually put your thoughts into action. You’ll be surprised how empowered this is going to make you feel. Embrace it, this is the way of your future.

Number 9

This year has been absolutely crazy for you, full of some of your greatest highs and most heartbreaking lows. In this time, you have faced past pains, discovered your true strengths and started to make some sense out of the confusion that has been your life up to this point. September 2018 is going to take this progress and intensify it. Prepare yourself to face your fears head on, which is going to be anything but easy. However, as you have already learned this year, this is the only way to free yourself from this toxic hold on your life. Set your sights on where you want to go, and who you want to be when you get there. This will help you maintain the best direction during your journey. There are great things ahead for you, it’s just going to take a little more self-discovery and growth to get there.

Feature Image Source: Conscious Reminder