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While it might sound a bit cliché in this day and age but men need to put the women in their lives on a pedestal. She deserves to feel like the queen that she is and if she is the right woman for you, she won’t take advantage of your efforts.

A real man isn’t going to take advantage of all she does for him, he will make sure she knows her importance and do his best to show her that he loves her no matter what life throws their way. He will be there for her through all the ups and downs and when times get hard he will stand by her. She won’t ever have to question whether or not his intentions are true because she will always know that he will follow through.

He will not treat her like an option, he will go out of his way to make sure she knows she is the most important woman in his life. He will through his love for her do whatever it takes to make sure she feels as special as she truly is. She will always be taken care of, and he will never let her down.

They might hit rough patches but they will both be actively working through those patches through their caring emotions for each other. He will go the extra mile for her day in and day out and whenever she calls he will answer. He won’t make her wait and he will make things work in ways no man has ever bother to before.

He will help with household chores, do the dishes when you’re stressed, and even bring home your favorite movie to surprise you. He will never stop doing the things he did to get you in the first place because he unlike the men of your past knows your worth. He knows that without you, his life isn’t going to be the same and that to keep you where you are he needs to make sure you’re as loved as he feels when he is with you.

You might find yourself questioning whether or not you deserve the efforts he’s putting forth but if he’s doing all of this then truth is, you deserve it. He wouldn’t do this for just anyone. He would only put his all in someone truly worth his time and effort. You’re the one person who holds the key to his heart and continue to hold it well for as long as you can.

With you by his side, he can do anything and he knows that now. He might not think that he deserves a woman like you but honestly, you are both perfect for one another. You bring out the best in each other and the smiles you share are like nothing else.

The man who does all of these things for the woman in his life is a man that is willing to do whatever it takes for love and he isn’t going to give up easily. He will hold his own until the end of time and stick with you even in old age. You should be proud, you’ve both found catches worth keeping.

You are his Queen and he is your King.