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As you may know from the night of the 14th to the 16th there will be three planets in the night sky forming an almost straight line. This including the planets Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter which when together like this brings us a lot of interesting energies. 

Now, it is important to also note that Pluto will also be taking part in all of this. These things when working together on an energetic level provide each and every one of us with the things we need to truly grow. If you’ve been feeling a bit held back in recent months, this is your chance to break free within reason. This alignment itself makes us all more willing to embrace change and will in many ways provide some of us with what we need to clear our minds.

Right now is the perfect time to take charge and work towards manifesting whatever it is you wish for the most. Because this (April 15th) day is the middle of the three associated with this event today and tonight should be your best bet for really ramping things up properly. Below I am going to go over each sign and some of what you should expect when it comes to manifesting with these energies.

While this line might not look like much in the sky, its energies hold a lot of power over us. Things are not always what they seem and even the smallest celestial events can make big changes in our lives. Don’t hold back too much, see where this kind of thing takes you.


These energies are going to make you a bit more on edge than usual but not in a bad way. You’re going to be feeling out of place but you should do your best to try and make the most of things. Right now you should be focused on manifesting within your personal life and not your professional life. Taking your mind off of work is important for the present moment.


These energies are pushing you to be more productive and making you really want to get things done. As time continues to pass if you use these energies to manifest properly you may see great improvement when it comes to how you handle things. You might not fly off the handle anywhere near as badly.


These energies are going to be intense for you, more-so than for others. You’re going to be quite confused about what you should be doing and where you should be headed. Don’t let things get too serious, you will figure them out in time.


These energies are going to tug at your heart in the sense that they’re going to make you want to let go of someone who has been hurting you. While normally you would hold tight to this person even though they bring you pain, you’re finally fed up. Let this be a lesson.


These energies are intense and stressful but for you, they won’t be too terrible. You’re going to be holding your head high as you know exactly what you want and what you deserve. Your self-discipline has always set you above the rest.


These energies are going to have you focusing more on your lover right now and trying to mend things within your own heart. You have a lot of pent up things within that need to be processed, work on processing them.


These energies are going to bring out your more active side. You’re going to be wanting to take action and get things done. While this is all new for you, it is important to put these energies to work.


These energies will remind you to put emphasis on the people who matter the most in your life. For some reason, you’ve been a bit preoccupied lately and that needs to be worked through. Things are not always what they seem and you need to get your mind back to where it needs to be.


These energies are going to help you heal in big ways. You’ve been stuck for too long and it shows. Right now you need to break free and if you don’t you’re going to regret it forever.


These energies are very strong and they’re going to remind you that you have obligations that you need to follow through with. Quitting this time around is not an option. You must get things done, period.


These energies might not feel that intense right now, as the days pass they will ramp up. Pay attention to the world around you and the things people are doing. While it might be confusing right now, things will make sense soon.


These energies are going to get your expectations up for something amazing and well, if you let them do-so for too long you may be let down. While you’re stressed right now and looking for a way out, you can’t just expect that to manifest before you. Right now you need to work harder and try to get things done on your own above all else.