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On the nights of the 14th through the 16th there will be three very prominent planets in the sky forming almost a straight line with the moon itself. These planets will be Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn.

While depending on where you are this line might look straighter or more crooked, all of these celestial bodies will be quite present and could even be seen now. At the top of this line besides the moon, Jupiter will be at the top and appear much brighter than the other two planets. While Mars and Saturn will also be quite bright, they will not compare to the light Jupiter brings.

Mars will be the last planet in all of this leaving Saturn to sit right in the middle somewhere and you might even be able to see a bit of color on Mars and Saturn even just with your naked eye. According to Earth Sky Mars will glow with a slight red color and Saturn a slight gold color. If you cannot see this well with your eyes, binoculars may come in handy or if you’re lucky enough to have on a telescope.

Mercury will also be visible during this time but will be much lower although still very much close to being aligned with these planets we’re speaking about. While this might not sound like a lot, it’s very interesting to see and always fun to look at planets we’ve learned so much about throughout the years. During times like these sky watching is a great way to pass the time and doesn’t always require fancy equipment.

The celestial world is quite present in the night sky right now and you can see so much if you know where to look. I should also mention you may end up noticing a few shooting stars while out looking at these planets as the Lyrid meteor shower’s peak looms. This month might not be that exciting since we’re all stuck at home, but we can make the most of it.

For more interesting things to view during this month and tips on how to ‘sky watch’ check out the video below. This kind of thing is easier than you’d expect and anyone can do it. Perhaps you should take the time before you to pick up a new more sky focused hobby?

Get outside and enjoy not only the fresh air but the beautiful view. If you live in an area that has clear skies and open areas, you’re in the perfect place for this kind of thing. The sky is a place full of mystery, and we can find all kinds of things in it.