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The gift of intuition is one of the most underestimated and overlooked psychic gifts in existence. Far too often we shrug off these messages as being nothing more than foolish gut feelings, or mere coincidence. The truth is that, when unlocked and properly developed, the gift of intuition can be incredibly powerful!

Experts say that intuition is an ability that is latent to some level within each of us, waiting to be tapped. In an article on Spiritual Intuition, the website Activate Austin explained, “Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as ‘a knowing, without the use of rational processes.’ Though for those who have a strong connection to their intuition, you know that receiving accurate information through it is as rational and true as any information obtained by the mental process.”

Like all psychic abilities, intuition is neither good or bad. It is what you choose to do with them that makes them that way. If used the right way, intuition can aid in bringing healing and protection to those around you. The first step to harnessing these incredible powers is to unlock your intuition. This can be done using a number of different techniques, each designed to help you better tap into your higher self.


Unlock your intuition with these 9 tricks:

#1 – Trust Your Gut

First and foremost, before all else, you need to learn to trust your gut. If you are ignoring your intuition, then any messages that it brings will fall on deaf ears. Don’t allow yourself to overthink or overanalyze the situation. Instead, trust what your gut is trying to tell you. Open your heart and mind to the messages that it is conveying.

#2 – Live Here and Now

Too often we focus on the things in our past that we wished we had changed or done differently, things that are over and done with and officially beyond our control, or we allow ourselves to obsess over a future that is not yet here. In order to tap into your intuition, you need to focus your thoughts on the here and now, living in the moment and releasing all concerns about your past and future.

#3 – Trust Your Spirit Guide

One mistake that many make when first tapping into their intuition is to ignore the importance of our spirit guides in this communication. The messages delivered by your intuition may come from a few different sources – experiences from a previous life, lessons we have learned first hand in this life or communication from our spirit guides. Understanding this will help us to open ourselves to these messages.

#4 – Meditation

One of the original tools used to connect with your spiritual self, meditation works to open our minds and allow us to connect to a deeper, spiritual version of ourselves. By focusing on your breathing, you can rid your mind of negative and distracting thoughts, allowing yourself to hear the messages from your intuition without interference.

#5 – Imagination

This point may sound childish, but let me explain. All too often as we move into adulthood we develop an incredibly closed mind to matters that may not be 100% logical. In order to receive the messages that our intuition is sending, we must open our minds to the psychic world. Tapping into your imagination will empower you to believe that which may not be easily explained.

#6 – Pay Attention to the Energy

Our whole Universe is composed of energy, positive and negative influences on our every thought and action. These energies are what will boost your intuition, so they are important. By focusing on the energies that you embody, you can consciously invite positive energies into your life, while banishing the negative energies that may hinder your efforts.

#7 – Listen to the Vibrations

When spirit guides are trying to communicate with your, they will use a number of different methods. One way that is often effective is the use of vibrations. This may feel like a tingling in your fingers, or a shiver running up your spine. Don’t allow these signs to go unnoticed.

#8 – Raise Your Awareness

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world we often slip into ‘auto-pilot,’ going through the motions of our regular daily routine while shutting down mentally. Doing so means that we may go life blind and deaf to the messages that are occurring around us. The only way to tap into your intuition is to shut off the auto-pilot and live your life aware of what is happening around you.

#9 – Pay Attention to Your Senses

There is a misconception that intuition is completely random rather than capable of being triggered by specific stimuli or events. The truth is that these messages are often brought on by a trigger from our senses – a specific scent, sound or taste for example. You can encourage yourself to make these connections by making a point of consciously paying attention to all that your senses are experiencing.

Featured image via The Huffington Post