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Empaths live their lives highly in tune with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of everyone around them. At times, this sensitivity to the aura and energy of other is intentional, connecting with an individual with the intention of guiding or healing them.

For this reason, friendships and relationships are incredibly tight-knit and intimate, as the empath is able to understand them on a far deeper level. Other times, however, the gift of an empath occurs without effort. For example, when attending a larger group function, empaths can quickly become overwhelmed by the emotions of everyone in the area.

This experience can be incredibly draining, leaving the empath feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Just as with everyone else, empaths need to practice much-needed self-care to provide themselves with the time, energy and attention required to recuperate and recharge.

Sensitive to everything from television and movies to the latest political and world news, those who share in this high level of sensitivity to the hurting and pain of the world around them need to exercise extra care and precaution in their efforts to care for themselves.  They must not only provide themselves with the resources to recharge regularly but also focus on keeping themselves ground to protect themselves.


Use these 9 simple techniques for the purposes of grounding empaths & highly sensitive people:

#1 – Meditate Regularly

The act of meditation is the ultimate technique for centering one’s thoughts. By meditating regularly, you can actively rid your mind of toxic and negative thoughts and energies, freeing yourself up for the positivity that you need to continue using your gift effectively. For some, this may mean meditating daily, whereas others may need to fit a short meditation in multiple times each day.

#2 – Visualization

There are many different visualization techniques that have shown to be highly effective in centering and grounding those who use them. The ‘White Bubble’ technique involves envisioning a giant white bubble around your body, acting as a protection field, while taking 5 deep breaths. This can be done multiple times each day to increase its effectiveness.

#3 – Cord Cutting

Any time that you connect with someone on an emotional or spiritual level you establish a level of connection or a cord. These can be highly positive connections, however, in other cases, they may be responsible for you feeling so drained. An active cord allows the other party to feed off your positive energy while sharing their own negativity. Take the time to regularly carry out a cord-cutting ceremony, severing unhealthy ties and protecting your energy.

#4 – Establish Healthy Boundaries

One of the most challenging things for an empath is to convince themselves to put up boundaries, knowing when to say ‘No.’ This doesn’t mean that you can’t help others out, however, you need to understand that you can help heal the world around you while still avoiding putting yourself in harm’s way. Establishing healthy boundaries will, in the long run, help you to be more effective in your efforts to help those you encounter.

#5 – Find an Energy Practitioner

There are a number of extremely talented energy practitioners that can work with you directly to help develop and focus your skills and talents, while also helping to teach you to center yourself and avoid burning yourself out. These individuals are highly trained and have worked with countless others just like yourself.

#6 – Smudging

Another effective technique to eliminate negative influences from your life is to cleanse yourself through smudging. This can help to purify your emotional, energetic, mental, physical and spiritual areas of your life, improving your mood and welcoming positivity into your every corner of your life. There are a number of different sacred plants that are recommended for use, however, the most common is white sage.

#7 – Closing Doors on Your Chakras

The Chakras are energy centers located along the center of the body. Each plays an integral part in the energies that come into and leave your body at any given time. While it is important to open your Chakras to most types of energy work, closing them when you are not actively working with them can help to protect you. You are essentially putting up a healthy boundary for your energy and your soul.

#8 – Take Some ‘Me Time’

Schedule some time into your day to simply ‘be.’ Whether you want to relax in a hot bath, curl up with a good book or simply sleep in, this ‘me time’ is essential to provide you with the time necessary to recharge your batteries. You need to make it a priority to take a break from everything that is wearing down on your energy, or you will burn out. Don’t overlook its importance!

#9 – Physical Care

The last point, but certainly not the least, is to ensure that you are always taking care of your physical self. You will wear down much faster if you are not in good shape or if you are fighting illness. Prioritize a healthy diet and physical activity, and take time to care for yourself and heal if you are battling any type of sickness or illness before expecting to be up to your empathic work.

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