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The journey of true spiritual awakening is not always an easy one. Rather than allowing yourself to accept that our existence here on Earth is nothing more than the daily experiences that we have, you push to understand the bigger picture and your higher calling. Shedding the confines of the physical world, you aim to be the best version of yourself – always growing, evolving and seeking your real purpose.

While this journey may be difficult for others to understand, it is not their journey to travel – it is yours. This may leave you feeling isolated from your friends and family but rest assured, there are many out there who are on a similar path, discovering their own best selves and working towards true spiritual enlightenment. While your friends and family may not be there today, don’t write them off. Those of us on a spiritual journey to awakening are here because we are ready, and they too can start their journey when the time is right, and they are prepared to take the first steps.

For now, focus your time, energy and attention on your own spiritual journey. At the same time, continue to show love, care, and understanding to those that you encounter as you never know who you may inspire along the way.


Here are 9 things that others may not realize that you do because you are highly awakened:

1. In Tune to Signs and Symbols

You understand that there are attempts to communicate with us at every turn, buying into the idea of a bigger picture. Approaching life with an open mind and an eye for detail, you are able to notice even the smallest of signs including spirit animals and recurring numbers.

2. You Are Always Working on Personal Growth

While you may be highly awakened, you understand that this is a journey and not a destination. You aren’t fooled by the idea that you have reached some incredible level of self and you can now coast on your accomplishments. Instead, you continue to work on bettering yourself each and every day.

3. Highly Conscious

You are highly aware of everything that is going on around you at all times. This includes both the tangible, physical world around you as well as any signs that you may be experiencing on a subconscious level including attempts to communicate with you through your dreams.

4. Understanding the Deeper Meaning

While others around you are often distracted by the materialistic world that we live in, you understand that there is a deeper meaning to the world that we live in. For example, rather than focusing on money and finances, you set your sights on your greater purpose here on Earth.


5. Experience Emotions Strongly

You are highly sensitive and possess the gift of empathy. Not only do you feel your own thoughts and feelings strongly, but you also experience the emotions of others on a deep level. You dedicate your time and energy to caring for others, determined to ease their pain and suffering.

6. Trust in the Universe

You know that our lives are merely a small part of a much bigger picture, directed by the Universe and the energies of our guardian spirits and higher beings. By trusting in the Universe, we are able to continue moving forward in our own individual journey, seeking to discover the best version of our selves.

7. You Enjoy Alone Time

It’s not that you dislike the company of others, in fact, at times you enjoy being social. However, you feel that ‘me time’ is necessary in order to recharge and clear your mind, preparing yourself to handle all that may come your way.  Feeling overwhelmed in larger social gatherings, you know that having time to yourself is necessary in order to retain your sanity.

8. Inquisitive

You aren’t content with just understanding things on a surface level. You desire to know exactly how everything in life works, developing a true understanding of every last detail. You question everything that exists around you, as well as everything in your own being.

9. Intuition

Gifted with an incredibly strong intuition, you realize that when you trust in your gut it rarely lets you down. By listening to your own senses, you are able to predict elements of the future with an incredible accuracy, protecting yourself from getting into a situation that could cause you or the ones you love harm.