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Unbeknownst to many of us, the law of attraction dictates much of our day to day lives, from the people we attract to our likelihood for success. What is the law of attraction you may ask?

It’s the idea that what you send out into the world is what you will ultimately attract. For example, if you radiate positive energy everywhere you go, you will welcome positivity in return. However, if you allow negativity to take over your life it will continue to multiply and grow.

There is no shortage of negativity in this world. Just turn on the news and you will be met with stories of war, crime, and sadness. But don’t dismay – there is also plenty of positivity in the world around us. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, then you need to banish negativity both from your home and from your personal being.


Use these 9 simple tricks to cleanse negativity from your life:

#1 – A dirty, cluttered home will inevitably be full of stagnant and negative energy. The good news is that this is relatively easy to clear out. Clean your home top to bottom, as if you are doing a proper ‘spring cleaning,’ purging your home of any clutter by donating items or throwing them away wherever applicable.

#2 – Believe it or not, negative energies are able to cling to specific objects, particularly if they are stagnant. For this reason, you should move the furniture around in your house at least once a month. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate rearrangement of the room, even moving items an inch from where they once were will break the bond, releasing the negativity that it once possessed.

#3 – Bay leaves possess incredible protective abilities. Place a single bay leaf in each corner of a room to ward off potential negative areas from the space, or carry one around in your pocket to protect yourself.

#4 – Recently Himalayan Salt Lamps have been gaining popularity, and this is a good thing if you are looking to clear the air in your home of negativity. They are also said to possess a number of health benefits including promoting better sleep and helping you to rid sinus congestion and breath easier.

#5 – If you are unable to locate or obtain a salt lamp don’t worry, you can still enjoy the benefits with the use of sea salt. Add salt to your bath to cleanse your body. To purify a room sprinkle sea salt lightly across the floor with a small pile in each corner. Allow this to sit overnight, vacuuming it up the next day. Be sure to immediately clean the vacuum removing the discarded salt from your home.

#6 – After your next shower or bath, turn the water as cold as you can physically stand. Allow the water to wash over your body from head to toe, carrying with it the negative energies that you have been holding onto. Don’t forget the areas of your body that are often neglected, such as your armpits or the soles of your feet.

#7 – The art of smudging has long been used to purge negative energies. Using white sage, allow the smoke to pass over your body starting at your feet and working your way up to the top of your head. If you are looking to purge a room, direct the smoke to each corner of the room and across any windows or doorways.

#8 – Onions have the ability to absorb negativity, so put that to work for you. Cut an onion into small pieces and spread it out on a plate. Allow the plate to sit in the room that you are looking to cleanse overnight. If you are clearing out multiple rooms, prepare at least one plate for each. Be sure to throw away the onions the next day, taking the garbage bag directly out of your home.

#9 – Open all the windows in your home, allowing the fresh breeze to make its way throughout the space. Fresh air and sunshine both work to cleanse the space, clearing negativity and bringing a natural positive energy into your home.

Image via Nanice Ellis