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“A warm body in your bed isn’t enough. Wait for someone who knocks your knee-high socks off. Who makes you forget about time and who you used to be. Who understands and accepts you completely. Today. As you are. Where you are. Who you don’t have to convince. Wait for someone who wants to hang the moon with you. Who believes in your story. Who chooses to stand by your side? Who doesn’t want anyone else. Wait. Because if you don’t, you’ll have to start all over. Don’t settle.” – John Kim

The search for love can be long, frustrating and exhausting. When you first enter the world of dating you likely set a high bar of what you expected in a relationship. Influenced by television and Hollywood, you have established this idea of the ‘perfect relationship.’ Dreaming of picture-perfect love, grand gestures, happily ever afters and happiness 24/7, you are determined that you are never going to settle for less than perfect.

Over time, however, we can become discouraged, questioning whether or not that ‘perfect’ someone exists. This is further highlighted by comments from friends and family suggesting that we are ‘too picky,’ encouraging us to lower our standards. They may even elude to your ‘biological clock’ as if you are a ticking time bomb that needs to settle down as quickly as possible.

The truth is that lowering that bar isn’t the key to a happy, lasting relationship. Settling for someone who doesn’t sync with you, your beliefs and your values may seem like a quick fix, but you will likely be searching for someone again in the near future. Instead, don’t be afraid to hold out for that ‘special someone.’ Pay attention and watch for indications that this one may be ‘the one.’ How will you know? Curious about what to watch for?

Pay attention to these 9 signs that your girl is a keeper:


1. She Isn’t Afraid to Call You on Your BS

While there are a number of ways that a woman can respond to your BS, such as ignoring it or walking away, if she’s willing to stand up and call you out for your mistakes, bad behaviors and errors in this life then take note. She isn’t doing this to poke fun or make you feel bad, her constructive criticism is aimed at helping you grow, change and evolve. She is trying to help you become the best ‘you’ that you can be.

2. She Shows Interest in Your Passions

She may not ACTUALLY be that interested, but if she makes a point of showing interest in the things that you are more passionate about in life then she is making an active effort to put you first. If, for example, you are a huge football fan, and she is willing to sit through the game commenting on the plays (the best that she can with her limited knowledge) then don’t overlook the effort she is putting into your relationship and life together.

3. She Isn’t Looking for Someone to Complete Her

This is a popular misconception in today’s society. You aren’t looking for someone to complete you, as you should be complete yourself, on your own. You don’t NEED to find someone. Instead, you are looking for someone who can compliment your life, making a great life even better. If she understands this then know that she isn’t keeping your around because she needs to depend on you, she is in this relationship because she genuinely wants to spend her life with you.


4. She Trusts You Fully and Without Question

Trust is a key building block to every relationship. You want to find someone in this life that will trust you without second-guessing, hesitating or holding back. If she has reached the point in your relationship that she will willingly put her trust in you without question know that you have come to an important stage in your relationship. She knows that she can depend on you in life.

5. She Shares Your Sense of Humor

While a sense of humor may not seem like something super important, I assure you that it can have a significant impact on the happiness that you feel in your relationship over time. Research has shown that a couple that laughs together stays together. If she shares in your sense of humor, then you are sure to be laughing for years to come.

6. She is Open and Honest with You

Not only do you want to find someone who can trust you, but you need to find someone that you can also trust fully. If you find a woman who is 100% honest with you rather than hiding things, holding back or skirting around the truth, then she is going to make you feel like you never need to worry. Also, pay attention to what she does share. An honest woman will share the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.


7. She is Willing and Able to Forgive Easily

Let’s be honest, not one of us anywhere is perfect. Each of us possesses our own flaws and quirks, making mistakes and errors throughout our lives. While she doesn’t have to accept bad behavior, she does need to be able to forgive you for the mistakes you are inevitably going to make. If she is willing to look past the little errors and see the bigger picture of who you are, then you know that you can work through life’s little bumps in the road.

8. She Knows How to Calm Your Nerves

Life can be stressful, and it is at the most difficult times that you need your partner most. If, when you are facing challenges or difficulties, your partner has the ability to calm your nerves and help you to center yourself, then this is someone you can face the good and bad times with together. You’re prepared to be more than just a ‘fair weather’ relationship.

9. She Supports and Encourages You

You don’t want to be with someone that is going to hold you back in life or hinder you from reaching your goals and dreams, however, if you find a woman that is willing to give you that little push when needed, then this is someone that you can build a life with. Rather than chasing your dreams alone, a relationship should give you the opportunity to chase your dreams together, and this is where it all starts.

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