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If I were to tell you to close your eyes and picture an angel, the odds are that you would have pictured a stunningly beautiful individual, with a halo and large, glorious wings. The truth is that the angels you encounter on Earth are often far more difficult to spot, walking undetected among us.

Sent to Earth to learn about the human condition, or to guide us in our spiritual journeys, Earth Angels may not even be fully aware of who they are, simply acknowledging that they know there is something ‘different’ about them and their purpose here.

Often Earth angels, also known as lightworkers, feel as though they don’t belong in the world around them. They can’t always put their feelings into words, but something feels ‘off’. Old souls trying to exist in our current world, they struggle to understand and accept the human condition. These pure souls live to bring happiness, joy and abundance to the world, with little patience for hate, intolerance, dishonesty, violence, oppression or malice.  Rising above the pettiness and negativity of those that they encounter, Earth angels genuinely light up every room that they enter, bringing laughter and smiles to those that they encounter.

Have you encountered an Earth Angel? Watch for these 9 signs:

#1 – You experience heightened senses.

When you are in the vicinity of an Earth angel you may suddenly notice that your senses are heightened. Their very presence may cause you to hear, smell or taste that you never thought to be possible before. Furthermore, your sense of sight reaches a whole new level. Imagine suddenly seeing the world in high-def for the first time ever. These heightened senses will allow you to experience the world in a whole new way.

#2 – Suddenly you feel the need to confess.

Many of us will go through life with a ‘dirty little secret,’ that one thing that you avoid sharing with even your closest of friends. Just a few short seconds interacting with an Earth angel will suddenly cause you to feel the need to confess, spilling all the dirty little details to this complete stranger. You don’t understand why you just know that it ‘feels right’. These individuals are highly empathic, and their ability to connect with you and understand to such a high level immediately builds trust.

#3 – They make you ‘feel’ different.

Regardless of what you may currently be facing or the feelings that you were fighting with when you encountered one of these incredible beings, they somehow make you ‘feel’ different. For example, you may have been struggling with frustrating and anger regarding a specific situation, dwelling on the negativity and your inability to change things at this time. Your meeting may be no more than a shared hello while in line at the coffee shop, yet somehow, they leave you with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart, freeing you from the influence of your anger.

#4 – You receive help or guidance from a stranger, only to have them disappear.

There are times in our lives where an Earth angel will step in and intervene, saving us from injury or working to redirect us. You may have been prepared to cross the road only to have a stranger stop you to talk. Moments after stopping you watch a vehicle drive through the red light, flying through the crosswalk you would have been on at a high rate of speed. As you turn to thank the person who delayed your travels you are surprised to see they have vanished, with no evidence that they were ever there.

#5 – Any physical or mental ailments are miraculously healed.

Earth angels have been sent to us for the purpose of healing and guiding the population. While this gift for healing may be voluntary in some cases, at other times it is an involuntary response, brought on simply by being close to someone in need of healing. If you have been struggling with any illness or disease, you may suddenly notice that you are feeling better with no real explanation.

#6 – You feel as though a part of you has been awakened.

Many people go through life aimlessly, with little to no understanding of their purpose in life. This lack of purpose leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled. After even the shortest conversation with this person, however, you suddenly begin to open your eyes to the real reason you are walking this planet. You begin to acknowledge the bigger picture, and how you fit into it.

#7 – They bring out your inner child.

Even the most mundane tasks suddenly become fun adventures when you are experiencing them with an Earth Angel. It is as if you have returned to your childhood. For example, you may be traveling your regular commute on the bus when a stranger sits down beside you. Before you know it you’re both laughing, having fun people watching and viewing the experience in a way that only a child could.

#8 – Feelings of acceptance and love are heightened.

Wherever Earth angels go they bring with them a new level of acceptance and understanding, helping to eliminate judgment and intolerance in the world. You may have previously struggled with accepting a specific way of life, having been raised with some harsh opinions or views of the world around you. After spending time with an Earth angel, you will notice that this judgment or deeply rooted hatred begins to dissolve, replaced by understanding and love.

#9 – You begin to question that which is ‘normal’ in today’s society.

Earth angels come from a place of purity, love, and understanding. Rising above that which is considered to be normal in today’s society, they struggle to understand many of the ideals that we view as being commonplace. They hold themselves to a higher standard, and those standards begin to rub off on the people that they encounter. Following a meeting with an Earth angel you may suddenly begin to question things that you had once accepted, creating a higher set of morals.